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Aaron Reed: Get Inspired by Phenomenal Success Story

Aaron Reed Bio

Aaron Reed is an inspirational figure in professional wrestling, bodybuilding, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Aaron Reed was born and raised in Minco, Oklahoma, a small town with a rich history of athletic achievement.

Coming from a family of athletes, Aaron was passionate about fitness from a young age – however, he faced an unexpected obstacle when he was just a child.

He was diagnosed with leukemia, prompting him to undergo intensive chemotherapy treatment.

Aaron Reed is from Tampa, Florida, and stands out for his great size and strength. Born on September 12th, 1981, Aaron is now 42 years old and proudly holds the title of the tallest bodybuilder to win a Men’s Physique competition.

At 6’7″, Aaron Reed has an impressive physique. He weighs 303 pounds and has a neck circumference of 19 inches and a sleeve measurement of 37 inches.

His chest is 58 inches wide, and his waist is 34 inches around, with an inseam of 36 inches and shoe size 15. Aaron’s ethnicity is Caucasian, skin color tanned, eye color hazel, and hair short and brown.

Always inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aaron has achieved great success as a bodybuilder and professional wrestler. He won the 2001 NPC Mr. Teen Colorado title.

In 2010 he was awarded the NPC Florida State Super Heavy Weight Champion title.

In 2011 came his biggest accolade yet – earning him NOT ONLY prestige but also admiration from fans around the world – when he became the champion of THE prestigious NPC Orlando Metropolitan Men’s Physique competition!

Aaron has also created his book on nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, further contributing to his success.

Aaron Reed Fitness Journey

He began weightlifting at 12 years old – inspired by legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Under the guidance of his mentor Gus Handke, Aaron quickly learned how to squat, bench and deadlift, and within two weeks of training, he was able to bench 115lbs and deadlift 300lbs.

Though Aaron was dedicated to his workouts from the beginning, it took time before his hard work started to pay off. Initially, he trained 6 days a week, split into two muscle groups per day, but this approach yielded different results.

He slowly began to pay more attention to his nutrition and tweak his training frequency, eventually improving his strength and size.

Incredible Success Story of a Professional Wrestler

In 2009, Aaron signed a contract with the WWE to become a professional wrestler. He was excited about participating in what he had enjoyed since childhood.

Unfortunately, his career in wrestling didn’t last long—Aaron suffered an injury and was diagnosed with hepatitis. Fortunately, he beat the illness by following a healthy diet.

After beating his illness, Aaron turned back to bodybuilding in 2010. He entered the NPC Greater Gainesville and took home 1st place.

His success continued that year as he won the 2011 NPC Orlando Metropolitan Championship (Men’s Physique, Overall category).

Today Aaron is still active in wrestling and bodybuilding, inspiring others with his determination and success story.

Aaron Reed Nutrition

Aaron Reed is an excellent example of a professional athlete who follows a strict nutrition plan. He eats the same foods throughout the year to maintain his weight and consumes between 350-400 grams of protein daily.

This amount is necessary for a man of his size. He also makes sure to time his meals to the minute to get the best out of each meal.

Aaron usually reaches for fruit instead of processed sugars and sweets when he craves something sweet.

Aaron Reed Training

Aaron Reed’s training sessions consist of an intense hour to two hours of low physical activity.

He believes that going beyond the designated time frame is a good use of resources, as his muscles typically require this amount of time to work efficiently.

When training legs, Aaron prefers high repetitions in the range of 20 reps per exercise, supplementing this with heavy sets and lower reps intermittently.

His back responds best to 8-12 repetitions, arms 6-8, chest pyramid work, and shoulders 12+ reps. Aaron knows when to push his muscles and when to take a break.

Aaron Reed

Bodybuilding Competitions Achievement

In 2013, he was the runner-up at the Muscle Mania Universe competition and repeated this accomplishment in 2012.

The following year, he placed fourth in the NPC Europa Show of Champions and went on to win the NPC Orlando Metropolitan Men’s Physique Overall Championship.

He also won the NPC Florida State Super Heavy Weight Championship in 2010 and was tenth at the USA Championships that same year.

Other notable achievements include winning the NPC Greater Gainesville Overall Championship and the NPC Steele City Heavy Weight Championship in 2005.

Additionally, he has crowned Mr. Teen Colorado at the 2002 NPC Rocky Mountain Super Heavy Weight Championship and placed first in the 2001 NPC Mr. Teen Colorado competition.

Aaron Reed’s Net Worth

Aaron Reed has accumulated an impressive net worth of 1-5 million. His primary source of income is bodybuilding, but he has also earned money through other activities, such as writing books and entering wrestling competitions.

Since beginning his bodybuilding career in the early 2000s, Reed has achieved multiple prestigious titles, such as Mr. USA and Mr. Universe.

His commitment to fitness and nutrition has led him to become an official spokesperson for several major health companies and organizations, allowing him to increase his income further.

Reed is also a famous author who has written books on bodybuilding and nutrition. His books have helped him generate additional income and build a strong reputation as an experienced fitness expert.

In addition to bodybuilding, Reed has also had success in professional wrestling. He has competed in many high-profile events worldwide and signed with one of the largest wrestling promotions in the world, World Wonder Ring Stardom.

Aaron Reed’s Social Media Presence

Aaron Reed has a strong presence on social media, with over 2,300 followers on Twitter, 63,800 followers on Instagram, and 106,300 loyal fans on TikTok.

His accounts keep up to date with his many accomplishments in bodybuilding, wrestling, and more.

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