Aimee Delgado Velasquez: The Inspiring Journey of a Fit Mom and Bikini Olympian

Aimee Delgado pinAimee Delgado Velasquez is a force to be reckoned with in fitness and bodybuilding. As a professional bodybuilder in the IFBB Pro League, she has made an indelible mark in the bikini division.

Her accomplishments include winning the prestigious Miss Bikini USA 2020 Overall Bikini Champion title and placing sixth in her debut Olympia competition. 

In addition to her impressive sports achievements, Aimee is a dedicated mom who balances motherhood with her fitness journey. 

This article will delve into her inspiring journey, explore her health and wellness tips, and discuss her professional fitness coaching services. 

Aimee Delgado Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitions

Aimee’s passion and dedication to bodybuilding have led to her rapid success. 

Her incredible journey began with becoming a pro in her first year as an amateur, winning her fourth show and qualifying for the IFBB Professional League. 

Since then, she has racked up numerous victories and placements in various competitions, showcasing her talent and commitment to the sport.

One of her most notable achievements is winning the Miss Bikini USA 2020 Overall Bikini Champion title. 

Aimee Delgado ifbb pro

Aimee’s Olympia debut was equally impressive, as she finished in sixth place, a testament to her hard work and dedication. 

Aimee has big plans for her future in the sport, including participating in various shows in the upcoming year, defending her title in Tampa, and possibly competing in the Arnold Classic. Aimee Delgado is going to the 2023 Olympia.

Aimee Delgado Lifestyle: Balancing Motherhood and Fitness

A key aspect of Aimee’s story is her ability to balance motherhood with her fitness journey. As a fit mom, she draws motivation from her 4-year-old daughter, Aria Christine. 

Aimee’s life is a perfect example of how one can successfully juggle being a dedicated mother and a bikini competitor, showcasing the power of determination and the importance of finding the right balance.

Aimee Delgado Health and Fitness: Training, Nutrition, and Wellness Tips

Aimee’s success in bodybuilding can be attributed to her rigorous preparation and continuous improvement. 

She and her coach, Jamie, focus on bringing her best physique to each competition, learning from previous experiences and fine-tuning her body to achieve her goals. 

Aimee also shares her valuable advice on health and wellness through her blog, catering to those interested in fitness and providing insights into her training, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Aimee Delgado Personal Growth: Passion and Dedication

Aimee’s passion for the fitness industry and competing in the bikini division has fueled her impressive achievements. 

Her confidence and mental strength have played a significant role in her success, proving the importance of a strong mindset in competitive sports.

Aimee Delgado daughter

Aimee Delgado Professional Services: Fitness Coaching

In addition to her competitive accomplishments, Aimee is a fitness coach who helps others achieve their fitness goals. 

Her impressive titles, including IFBB Bikini Pro, Miss Bikini USA 2020, and Bikini Olympian, and her ranking as sixth in the world, make her an excellent source of guidance and inspiration for aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Aimee Delgado Accomplishments History

Legends Classic02/22True Novice1st Place & Overall Win100
Legends Classic02/22Novice1st Place & Overall Win100
Legends Classic02/22Open Bikini2nd Place100
San Antonio Classic11/07Open Bikini1st Place100
Universe Nationals11/13Open Bikini5th Place100
USA Nationals12/13Open Bikini1st Place & Overall Winner100
Title – Miss Bikini USA 2020
IFBB Iron Games Pro Bikini11/21Pro Bikini8th Place100
IFBB Ben Weiders Natural Pro Bikini11/21Pro Bikini6th Place100
IFBB Battle of Texas Pro Bikini12/21Pro Bikini8th Place100

Aimee Delgado personal life

Aimee Delgado Social Media Precense

Aimee Delgado is a social media influencer with a considerable following on Instagram (40K), a modest following on YouTube (1.37K), a growing presence on TikTok (613 followers), and smaller audiences on Facebook (495 followers) and Twitter (14 followers). Aimee’s content is known for its creativity and engagement, and her platforms offer unique glimpses into her life and personality.


Aimee Delgado Velasquez’s inspiring journey is a testament to her passion, dedication, and hard work in fitness and bodybuilding. 

With her valuable health and wellness tips and professional fitness coaching services, Aimee is a fantastic athlete and an inspiration for others seeking to achieve their fitness goals.

As a fit mom, she shows us the importance of finding balance in life and pursuing our dreams with determination.

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