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Alessandra Alves Lima: Unraveling the Secrets of the Beast Beauty’s Fitness Success

Alessandra Alves Lima, known as The Beast Beauty, is your ultimate fitness inspiration. She is the perfect role model for fitness enthusiasts who aspire to achieve their fitness goals. Join us as we explore her inspiring story and learn from her expertise.

This Brazilian fitness model, trainer, and bodybuilder has gained attention for her impressive physique and unwavering dedication to fitness. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at Alessandra’s journey, from her early life and education to her training and nutrition regimen. 

We’ll also explore how she inspires others to achieve their fitness goals while being a social media sensation with over 963k followers on Instagram. 

So get ready to be inspired by Alessandra Alves de Lima’s journey and learn a thing or two about fitness along the way.

Alessandra Alvez Lima

Alessandra Alves de Lima Bio

Alessandra Alves de Lima, also known as The Beast Beauty, is a famous Brazilian fitness model, trainer, and bodybuilder who has gained fame for her incredible physique and dedication to fitness.

Born on July 23, 1992, in Afonso Claudio, Alessandra is 31 years old and resides in Rio de Janeiro. 

Her physical appearance, including her height of 5’6″, the weight of 82 kg, and well-sculpted body measurements, has made her a popular figure in the fitness industry.

Alessandra Alves Lima Early Life and Education

Alessandra was raised in a supportive Brazilian family and completed her schooling at a local high school. 

She continued her education at the University of Brazil, although details about her further studies are unavailable.

Alessandra Alves Lima Fitness Journey

Alessandra’s fitness journey started in 2015 when she was pretty skinny. 

With her friends’ support and determination, Alessandra achieved a muscular physique and bulky legs by 2018 after three years of hard work. 

Her popularity has grown through social media, with over 963k followers on Instagram.

As a certified fitness trainer, Alessandra shares her knowledge and experience with others, helping them achieve their fitness goals. 

Her favorite exercises include Glute Kickbacks, Squats, Reverse Lunges, Leg Press, Leg Quad Extensions, Hamstrings Deadlifts, and Curls.

Alessandra Alves Lima Training and Nutrition

Alessandra’s training regimen varies depending on her goals, focusing on heavy exercises for strength building and isolation exercises for sculpting. 

She also employs drop sets and supersets for added muscle growth.

Nutrition is crucial in Alessandra’s fitness journey, ensuring proper protein, carbohydrate, and fat balance to aid training and recovery. 

She follows a strict eating schedule but allows occasional indulgences during holidays and special occasions.

In addition to her diet and training, Alessandra utilizes supplements to support her goals, including a premium fat burner that helps with weight and fat loss.

Alessandra Alvez Lima Personal Life

Alessandra Alves Lima Personal Life

Alessandra currently resides in Rio de Janeiro and is in a relationship with fellow fitness trainer Leo Araujo.

Alessandra Alves Lima Net Worth

Alessandra Alves Lima, better known as the “Beast Beauty,” has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. She has built a massive following on social media, where she shares her fitness tips, workout routines, and motivational insights. 

Alessandra’s online presence, sponsorships, endorsements, and personal fitness brand have contributed significantly to her impressive net worth. 

Alessandra Alves Lima’s inspiring story and incredible physique have made her a role model for many, and her impact on the fitness world is undeniable.

Inspiration and Conclusion

Alessandra Alves Lima inspires others, sharing her fitness journey and expertise through social media, demonstrating the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in achieving one’s goals. 

Her unique look and impressive physique have made her a popular figure in the fitness industry, and she continues to inspire others to achieve their fitness goals.

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