Amino Acid Supplements for Women

Amino Acid Supplements for Women

Many health products are designed to help men gain muscle mass, cope with muscle tearing after intense workouts, and generally promote energy and mood when training or exercising.

Unfortunately, however, there are not so many products specifically designed to help women achieve the same results, even though a great many women out there are very serious about their workouts – just as many as men, in fact.

Men’s and women’s bodies are very different, so they need additional supplements to complement their work. Even though everybody needs amino acids, men and women may need extra doses to start seeing results.

Why do you need to take amino acid supplements?

Some people may not be aware of the benefits that amino acids can bring to their workout. Mostly, we hear from health sites and magazines about the importance of protein-protein shakes, and protein bars are readily available on the market and are an excellent source of extra protein (besides eating meat, for instance), which can promote the growth of muscle and the retention of muscle mass.

However, amino acids are not so well known in the health and exercise market, even though they are just as crucial in helping to retain muscle mass and even fix muscles after intense workouts. The main reasons for taking amino acid supplements are as follows:

Increased energy levels for workouts

Taking amino acid supplements can improve your energy levels before and during your workout sessions (ensure that you take them before training). They can also give you a boost for your mood levels, making your training sessions easier mentally as well as physically. All this from just a small amino acid supplement.

Improve recovery times from intense workouts.

Everyone, at some point or another, experiences muscle pain during or especially after a workout. This is entirely natural and not necessarily unhealthy (although you must ensure that, if you have strained or pulled a muscle, you rest it adequately before exercising again): it just means that the movement has torn tiny fibers in your muscles.

Taking amino acids during and after your workouts, however, can help promote these muscle fibers’ regrowth quickly and painlessly. They can also prevent the pain from occurring in the first place if you take sufficient quantities during and after your workout.

Reduce fat

Many studies are starting to suggest that taking amino acid supplements can help reduce body fat levels and help build and retain muscle. Taking amino acid supplements regularly when you work out can help to reduce fat, particularly around the abdominal area.

Although more research is needed to prove this, it is worth taking amino acid supplements when you are exercising to help prevent muscle pain and increase energy levels. If you lose fat around your abdomen, too, this is c benefit!

What amino acid supplements are there for women?

There are many fitness products aimed at men, but not so many yet that are aimed exclusively at women. This does not mean, however, that you have to miss out on amino acid supplements that are beneficial to your workout. Look into the following amino acids to get the most out of your exercise routine:


If you are into your bodybuilding, this supplement is for you. This amino acid helps promote new muscle growth, which also means it is perfect for helping those post-workout pains. It can also help with other aspects of recovery after even the most intense of exercise sessions.

Besides helping with muscle growth, it can increase energy levels naturally. You can take it before, during, and after your workout and get great results even when carrying a single supplement.


You may have heard of this amino acid: it is one of the key ingredients in many energy drinks. However, you do not want to drink these, as they contain sugar and caffeine.

Instead, invest in taurine supplements to get the natural benefits of taurine, which can enhance muscle contractions throughout the body, meaning that you can lift weights a lot easier for a lot longer. Since exercise can often reduce taurine levels, experts recommend taking supplements after your workout.


If you need a bit of a pickup, tyrosine is the perfect amino acid supplement for you. Tyrosine works as a stimulant because it increases the production of norepinephrine in the body. The norepinephrine hormone not only helps increase your energy levels but is also proven to increase fat loss and even help you control your appetite.


This amino acid is perfect for women since women tend to have a lot lower levels of testosterone than men. Carnitine can be taken as a supplement to increase testosterone levels in women to make muscle-building exercises a lot more effective.

It can also help burn fat and works similarly to other amino acids in that it can prevent damage to your muscles and promote muscle growth. It also acts as a tremendous energy-boosting chemical.

Although there are many amino acids out there, these are the best ones for women looking for the perfect supplements to help build muscle, increase energy levels and get the most out of workouts.

Mixing and matching different amino acid supplements is perfectly safe, so if you feel you would benefit from one or two of those described above, then feel free to try out multiple different ones. Just make sure to monitor your dosage well so that you can adjust it accordingly should you need to.

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