Anastasia Korableva

Anastasia Korableva: The Russian Muscle Queen Dominating the Stage

The world of female bodybuilding has witnessed the rise of numerous extraordinary athletes, and one such rising star is Anastasia Korableva. 

This 27-year-old Russian powerhouse has taken the fitness world by storm, paving the way for aspiring female bodybuilders with her dedication, impressive physique, and inspiring journey. 

In this blog post, we delve into the life and achievements of Anastasia Korableva, exploring how she became a standout figure in the competitive world of bodybuilding and fitness.

Anastasia Korableva Beginning: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Fitness

Anastasia’s fitness journey began at 17 when she decided to join the gym to overcome bullying due to her skinny frame. 

Despite her disinterest in sports competitions during childhood, Anastasia’s passion for fitness quickly grew. As she built an impressive figure, many sought her guidance as a personal trainer.

Anastasia Korableva: From Amateur to Pro Bodybuilder

In 2013, Anastasia entered the world of competitive bodybuilding and quickly made a name for herself. She won several amateur competitions in Russia, showcasing her dedication and hard work. 

In 2018, she became a pro and competed in the prestigious IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro League. Her professional debut in Alicante, Spain, was a testament to her ever-growing success as a bodybuilder.

Anastasia Korableva before and after

Anastasia Korableva Training: The Secret to Anastasia’s Impressive Physique

Anastasia’s remarkable muscular mass and definition result from her rigorous training routine. She trains with heavy weights and focuses on compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. 

She follows a strict diet and supplement regimen to support her training, ensuring optimal results in her fitness journey.

A Multifaceted Athlete: Powerlifting and Fitness Modeling

Besides her bodybuilding career, Anastasia is also an accomplished powerlifter, demonstrating her versatility as an athlete. 

Furthermore, she has ventured into fitness modeling, collaborating with various brands and photographers. 

Her stunning physique and commitment to fitness have helped her build a substantial social media following, inspiring others to embark on their fitness journey.

Anastasia Korableva: Paving the Way for Future Female Bodybuilders

Anastasia’s success in the bodybuilding industry has motivated many people to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her journey has proven that dedication and hard work can yield exceptional results. 

Her achievements, stage presence, and impressive muscularity have made her a role model for female bodybuilders worldwide.

Anastasia Korableva International Competitions: Making Waves on a Global Scale

Anastasia Korableva’s bodybuilding journey has taken her to various international events, such as the IFBB Pro competition in Alicante, Spain. 

She earned her pro status in Romania during a competition in Bucharest in 2019. 

Despite facing travel struggles, Anastasia remains grateful for the support she receives and continues to strive for success in the bodybuilding arena.

Anastasia Korableva IFBB Pro

Anastasia Korableva’s Instagram

Anastasia Korableva’s Instagram account represents her passion for fitness, bodybuilding, and modeling. With 30.3K followers, she has built a significant following on social media, inspiring others to pursue their fitness goals.

Her Instagram account features a plethora of content related to her training regime, competitions, modeling shoots, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle. 

From showcasing her impressive physique on stage to sharing her favorite workouts and meals, Anastasia’s Instagram feed gives a glimpse into her dedication to fitness.

Her account also features collaborations with various brands, including fitness apparel and supplements, highlighting her influence as a fitness model. She also engages with her followers, responding to comments and sharing motivational messages to inspire her fans.

Overall, Anastasia Korableva’s Instagram account is an excellent representation of her achievements and inspiring journey in fitness and bodybuilding.


Anastasia Korableva’s journey in female bodybuilding is an inspiring tale of dedication, perseverance, and success. 

As a multifaceted athlete and role model, she has significantly impacted the fitness world, motivating others to follow in her footsteps. We look forward to witnessing Anastasia’s continued growth and achievements.

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