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Anne Mohn: From Passion to Profession in the Women’s Physique Division

Anne Mohn, a shining star in the world of female bodybuilding, has transformed her passion for the sport into an impressive career as an IFBB Pro in the Women’s Physique Division. 

This article delves into Anne’s inspiring journey, exploring her early life, career, training regimen, competition history, and unwavering determination to excel in the face of adversity, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Join us as we uncover the story behind this remarkable athlete and the lessons she imparts to those seeking success in bodybuilding.

Anne Mohn: A True Inspiration in the World of Bodybuilding

Anne Mohn is a dedicated Women’s Physique Division (WPD) IFBB Pro athlete and coach with an impressive track record. 

Her commitment to the sport and passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals make Anne a true inspiration in bodybuilding.

Anne Mohn Early Life and Career

Anne Mohn is an accomplished female bodybuilder, having been the 2020 Arnold Classic runner-up and the winner of a competition in Spain, qualifying her for the Olympia in Las Vegas. 

The Arnold Classic was a significant achievement for Anne, as it is the second-largest show in the world for women’s physique. She was ecstatic with her second-place finish.


Anne Mohn Training Challenges During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted Anne’s training schedule. After the Arnold Classic, she returned to France and found gyms closed, leaving her unable to train from March to June.

Anne maintained her muscle mass by focusing on her diet and adjusting her carb intake based on her activity level.

During the lockdown, Anne had no gym access and did minimal cardio, only going for 20-40 minute daily walks. The lack of training affected Anne’s mental state, as she loves working out. 

However, she understood that the situation was out of her control and focused on staying in shape.

Anne Mohn Personal Training Career

As a personal trainer, Anne’s work was affected by the pandemic, as some clients lost motivation, and she couldn’t train them in person.

Anne Mohn Competition History and Achievements

Anne is currently the top women’s physique competitor in Europe for 2020, having beaten great champions like Valentina Mishina at the Arnold Classic. 

She has previously competed against Laura Pintado, another top European competitor, making their upcoming rematch at the Olympia an exciting prospect. 

In the Spain Pro, Anne achieved a perfect score, showcasing her incredible physique.

Fellow French competitor Barbara lost her pro status when she moved to the Elite division but regained it and will join Anne at the Olympia. 

Anne’s last Olympia didn’t go as planned due to exhaustion from previous shows, but she feels much better and prepared for the upcoming competition.

Anne Mohn Training and Preparation for the Olympia

Anne began training for the Spain show in June when gyms reopened, initially planning to compete in the Puerto Rico Pro Show, which was later canceled. 

She is known for her fantastic conditioning and deltoids, with her legs being her primary area for improvement. 

Anne trains her legs twice a week, focusing on quads one day and hamstrings on another day. Anne’s leg training focuses on feeling the muscle rather than just pushing maximum weights, using exercises like stiff leg deadlifts and extensions.

Anne Mohn regained her muscle mass and physique once gyms reopened quickly by sticking to her diet and maintaining a solid mindset. 

Anne Mohn

The Olympia Competition and Goals

Anne’s goal for the Olympia competition is to be in the top five. She has faced competitor Evie Rain in the past, with Evie winning in their previous matchup in Portugal, setting the stage for a thrilling rematch. 

Anne’s journey to Olympia is still being determined due to travel restrictions, but she remains focused on her preparations and is determined to do everything she can to compete.

Anne Mohn Social Media and Sponsorship

Anne lacks sponsorship despite her impressive accomplishments and potential – an unfortunate reality for many talented athletes. 

Anne’s Instagram, @almbody, offers a glimpse into her story, training, and journey toward the Olympia competition.


Anne Mohn’s dedication to her training, focus on muscle engagement, and successful competition history make her a formidable competitor at the upcoming Olympia. 

Anne and other competitors’ sacrifices and challenges highlight the dedication and passion required to succeed in bodybuilding. 

With an exciting rematch against Laura Pintado and a secret new posing routine, fans eagerly await her performance.

Uncover Anne Mohn’s story—a female bodybuilding pioneer overcoming adversity to excel in the Women’s Physique Division.

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