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Autumn Blair: A Rare Blend of Strength, Beauty, and Business Savvy

Autumn Blair is a fitness competitor and bikini model who founded Fitness Blonde Cosmetics. 

Autumn has been featured in various publications and is highly sought-after due to her hard work and dedication. In this blog post, we will dive into her inspiring journey.

Autumn Blair’s Impressive Physique

Autumn Blair is a well-known fitness model recognized for her dedication to health and fitness. 

She has a petite frame, a 21-inch waistline, and a unique bra size of 28GG that highlights her strength and athleticism. 

Her blonde hair, which is 30 inches long, adds elegance to her overall appearance. Her measurements are 38-26-38 inches, and her chest size is 34 inches.

Autumn Blair Dubai

Autumn Blair’s Dubai Diaries

Canadian fitness enthusiast Autumn Blair has found a new home in Dubai, where she enjoys the warm and beautiful atmosphere. 

Having moved there in January to escape North American lockdowns and cold weather, Autumn appreciates Dubai’s cleanliness and open activities, despite the need for masks and social distancing.

With daily temperatures ranging from 26-30 degrees Celsius and rare instances of rain, Dubai offers an ideal environment for Autumn to maintain her fitness routine. 

She exercises for about 45 minutes to an hour and a half daily, listening to her body’s needs. Her workout routine focuses on training specific muscle groups, and she eats around 2100-2700 calories daily.

Though she doesn’t have a favorite spot in Dubai, Autumn enjoys walking, going to the beach, and playing ping pong. 

She lives in Dubai with her husband and plans to return to Canada temporarily before returning to Dubai later in the year. 

The gyms in Dubai have limitations due to the pandemic, but Autumn enjoys using the gym in her building, which is very clean and well-maintained.

Autumn Blair Height and Weight

Autumn’s fitness dedication and genetic predisposition have contributed to her physique. She acknowledges being genetically blessed with a small size but still works hard to build muscle and maintain her form. 

Autumn has various tattoos and piercings, including an industrial piercing, a naval piercing, and tattoos on her shoulders, side, foot, and ankle.

She dreams of traveling and exploring more of the world, including places like Japan, China, Maldives, Greece, Italy, Australia, the UK, and Russia. 

For now, she’s unsure about her next adventure or competition and is waiting to see how the world unfolds.

Her journey in Dubai and her fitness and personal life inspire many who aspire to lead a healthy and adventurous lifestyle.

Autumn Blair Career

Autumn Blair Career 

Autumn Blair started her modeling career as a young model, with her first job in Zumba magazine. She has since appeared in various magazines, fitness competitions, and fitness-related shows.

Besides her modeling achievements, Autumn founded Fitness Blonde Cosmetics, an enterprise that provides beauty products and solutions for individuals committed to staying fit and healthy.

Autumn Blair’s Net Worth

Autumn Blair is a successful fitness model with a net worth of around $200k. She has achieved this through her victories in fitness competitions and appearances in various publications. 

She is also an entrepreneur who has created multiple successful products in the fitness industry, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Autumn Blair Instagram

Autumn Blair’s Social Media Presence

Autumn Blair, the renowned fitness model, has built a solid social media presence across various platforms. 

She has amassed 312k followers on Instagram, where she shares her fitness journey, workout routines, and motivational content. 

On YouTube, she has 61.3k subscribers who follow her informative videos and engaging fitness challenges. Meanwhile, her 23k followers on TikTok enjoy quick, bite-sized content that showcases her vibrant personality and fitness tips. 

Autumn Blair’s popularity on social media is a testament to her ability to connect with her audience, making her an influential figure in the online fitness community.

Autumn Blair Net Worth

Autumn Blair Competition History

Northern ClassicOpen Bikini A🏆 1st Place
Northern ClassicNovice Bikini🏆 1st Place
Northern ClassicTrue Novice Bikini🏆 1st Place
Alberta Summer NaturalsBikini A🥈 2nd Place
Alberta OpenBikini A🥈 2nd Place
Olympia Amateur 2020Bikini A🥈 2nd Call Outs
FitParade Budapest, Hungary 2021N/A🥈 2nd Place


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