Best Amino Acid Supplements for Lean Muscle Growth

Best Amino Acid Supplements for Lean Muscle Growth

Over the years, the need to build the body shed off fat, and add on some muscle has continuously increased.

This stems from the fact that heavily built bodies do add up to several health benefits, reduce the chances of obesity, ups the health of the heart and deliver more strength.

However, many people have been trying to build muscle without any impressive results in the vicinity. In this case, the need for supplements is always more than dire.

Amino acid supplements for the development of lean mass and bodybuilding are now gaining prominence and acceptance, probably because of the little strain they give the body compared to the countless benefits that such supplements hand the user.

Here is an analysis of the best amino acid supplements for bodybuilding that you should never miss.


Creatinine, one of the non-essential amino acids freely available in the body, has recently received much attention because of its purported benefits in bodybuilding.

Creatinine occurs naturally in the body, so its supplementation rarely puts the body to task, as it is already known to the system.

Studies indicate that this supplement increases the rate of creating lean muscle and strength.

Other studies indicate that individuals using this supplement in their routine exercises record a twenty percent jump in anabolic activity, which should excite any individual looking for intelligent products to complement their training efforts.

Furthermore, the level of body creatinine goes to normal within a month of stoppage.

Using creatinine in combination with workouts steadily increases muscle strength, leading to longer and very intense workout sessions. It further increases the available amounts of fast energy necessary for better resistance.

Creatinine increases the amounts of water in body cells after exercises, which forces a stretch of the cells, consequently leading to permanent growth.

Other studies indicate that this supplement is responsible for the insulin-like factor increases, which improves the rate of protein synthesis in the muscles.

Among other things, this supplement brings the following benefits:

  • It promotes the growth of lean muscle.
  • Encourages post-workout recovery.
  • Increases water intake by cells, leading to larger cell volumes hence growth


The advantages and use of this group of amino acids keep coming up every other day.

BCAAs have been shown to boost protein synthesis by more than one hundred percent in people doing resistance-training exercises, especially after each workout session.

They also fuel the working muscles, which generate more energy to keep one going for extended periods at the gym.

Leucine, one of the components of this group, is known to have a muscle growth-stimulating effect, which further highlights the importance of using these amino acids for bodybuilding.

BCAAs further encourage muscle recovery, which is vital for those who need to work regularly at the gym house.


Glutamine has constantly been climbing the chart to claim its position as the favorite amino acid supplement among bodybuilders and athletes.

To start with, glutamine boosts the amounts of leucine in the body’s muscles, consequently igniting the muscle growth effects of leucine.

For rapidly dividing cells, glutamine provides the fuel to keep the high pace, leading to permanent growth.

Studies indicate that intense exercises deplete the levels of glutamine in the body, which in turn leads to feelings of fatigue and sickness. This significant factor keeps most trainers out of the gym house.

Glutamine supplements restore these levels to the immune system and put a hold on such feelings.

Workouts not only stress muscles and physical aspects of the body, but they also put a severe strain on the immune system, which in turn leads to feelings of sickness—taking a dose of glutamine after every workout helps to minimize such effects on the immune system and allow for better sustenance of the pressure.

Glutamine further regulates and boosts blood glycogen levels during workouts, providing higher levels of ready energy to take the workouts longer without tiring off.

The significant benefits of glutamine for bodybuilders are as follows:

  • Boosts the immune systems
  • Preserves lean muscle
  • Enhances hormone levels in the body
  • Promotes re-synthesis of glycogen in the muscles


This amino acid plays a crucial role in blood supply and other nutrients to working muscles. Carnitine heavily increases the blood flow to the body muscles each unit of time.

This, in turn, means that the body receives nutrients and oxygen at a higher rate while wastes are also removed at a high pace.

This creates an environment conducive to generating energy and strength for muscles to take intensive shots of the workout.

Carnitine has further been linked to the spike in levels of blood testosterone and IGF-1 factors, which are responsible for stimulating growth and healing in the muscles.


This is another non-essential amino acid receiving massive attention from bodybuilding experts.

Beta-alanine compounds the volumes of intramuscular carnosine to as high as sixty percent of the original volume within a month.

Carnosine is vital for the removal of lactic acid, the cause of fatigue, pain, and soreness in the muscles when under intense workouts.

It also delays the accumulation of lactic acid, which. Consequently, it delays the onset of muscle failure, fatigue, and muscle soreness.

Beta-alanine combines with another amino acid, histidine, to form carnosine.

Several studies indicate that carnosine is essential for the formation of muscle fibers along with their strength. Here are some of the benefits of this supplement to bodybuilders.

  • Works hand-in-hand with creatinine
  • Delays the onset of fatigue
  • Elevates endurance levels


This amino acid raises the levels of nitric oxide in the heart muscles. This allows the heart muscles to work more diligently without fatigue, improving the rate of blood flow that ensures fast delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

It also helps in the removal of ammonia as well as lactic acid, two significant wastes that also lead to fatigue and soreness in the muscles during intense activity.

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