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Celia Gabbiani: The French Fitness Phenom You Need to Know

Celia Gabbiani is a professional CrossFit athlete from Marmande, France. 

She began her athletic journey at 10 through competitive swimming, which sparked her interest in participating in various sports. 

In 2012, she was introduced to CrossFit by her driving instructor and started competing at the age of 21. 

Celia quickly established herself as a formidable competitor in the CrossFit community, winning several contests and sharing her successes online.

Celia Gabbiani Early Life & Career

Celia Gabbiani was born in Marmande, France, in 1990 and began competing in swimming at the age of 13. 

She pursued a professional swimming career until she was 19 when she moved to Toulouse to obtain her lifeguard diploma. 

Following this, she discovered CrossFit while obtaining her driver’s license and quickly progressed under the guidance of Patrick Monoyer at CrossFit Chin Menton. 

At 23, Celia ultimately transitioned to CrossFit, leaving her swimming career behind. 

Despite facing criticism about her body transformation, she joined a gym to improve her strength and remained firm in her belief that muscularity and femininity could coexist.

Celia Gabbiani Impressive Physiuque

Celia Gabbiani is a remarkable individual whose unique physical features demand attention. She exudes confidence and grace at 5 feet 2 inches (162 cm). 

Her athletic build is accentuated by her figure measurements of 34-28-40, and her captivating dark brown eyes and blonde hair create an alluring contrast. 

It’s hard not to take notice of Celia Gabbiani’s striking appearance, which leaves a lasting impression.

Celia Gabbiani

Celia Gabbiani Exercise Routine

Celia prefers running or swimming for her cardio workouts, which she does 3-6 times a week, depending on her fitness level and mood. 

She also likes bodyweight training over weightlifting, as it helps her build muscle and improve strength while enhancing her cardiovascular health. 

Her favorite bodyweight exercises include push-ups, box jumps, and handstand push-ups. Celia attributes her well-defined back to two critical exercises: deadlifts and pull-ups.

Celia Gabbiani Nutrition Approach

Celia follows a flexible nutrition approach without adhering to a specific diet plan. She balances her workout routine by engaging in cardio six times weekly and heavy training. 

Although she doesn’t monitor her calorie intake, she prioritizes consuming healthy food and believes micronutrients are more critical than macronutrients. Celia’s diet consists of vegetables, fish, almonds, and fruit. 

She occasionally satisfies her cravings with less nutritious foods, including chocolate muffins, cookies, brownies, and milkshakes.

Celia Gabbiani CrossFit

Celia Gabbiani Supplements

While diet and exercise remain crucial for optimal performance, supplements can offer additional support for maximizing gains. 

These essential products can enhance recovery, accelerate muscle repair, boost strength and endurance, heighten workout efficiency, and protect against muscle breakdown.

Celia Gabbiani recommends the following supplements: Whey Protein, Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Creatine, L-Glutamine, Protein Bars, and Fish Oil.

Celia Gabbiani Net Worth

Celia Gabbiani’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million in the US by 2023. As a highly successful Spanish CrossFit fitness athlete, Celia has garnered a significant following on social media platforms across the globe.

Celia Gabbiani earns over $10,000 monthly, primarily from her involvement in the fitness industry, television appearances, social media activities, and gaming. Her annual income exceeds $150,000.

Apart from her primary sources of income, Gabbiani also earns a substantial amount from her sponsorships with various supplement and fitness brands, modeling, and advertising. 

Over the past few years, her growing social media presence has steadily increased her net worth.

Celia Gabbiani Social Media Presence

Celia Gabbiani’s social media presence is remarkable, boasting 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 777K on Facebook, and 30.1K on TikTok

Her content spans instructional videos, competition updates, and motivational messages. 

As a CrossFit athlete, Celia’s influence extends across platforms, empowering others to pursue their fitness goals and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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