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David Laid: From Skinny Teen to Fitness Icon – Discover His Incredible Journey!

David Laid, a 24-year-old Estonian-American bodybuilder, fitness model, and entrepreneur, has inspired millions through his transformation videos on YouTube.

Born on January 29, 1998, in Estonia, Laid has faced numerous challenges, including losing his father at a young age, bullying, and a scoliosis diagnosis. 

Despite these obstacles, Laid has turned his life around and achieved impressive success in the fitness industry while inspiring others to do the same.

David Laid Early Life

David Lost his father in a tragic accident at just two years old; David Laid and his mother moved to the United States for a better life.

However, life in the US wasn’t easy for young David, who was bullied at school for his skinny frame, weighing only 98 lbs. at 14. To make matters worse, David was diagnosed with scoliosis, prompting doctors to recommend weight training to improve his spine health.

Determined to change positively, David turned to fitness icons like Jeff Seid and Greg Plitt for motivation and fully embraced weight training. This decision would ultimately transform his life.

When Fitness Transformed David Laid’s Life

Using YouTube as a resource for muscle-building techniques and inspiration from body transformation videos, David dedicated himself to fitness. 

This dedication allowed him to build lean muscle mass, and over time, David’s newfound passion for fitness quickly helped him overcome his insecurities and low self-esteem.

David Laid Present Day

Today, David Laid’s social media following is a testament to his hard work and dedication. As a fitness influencer, David’s primary goal is to inspire others to achieve a healthier lifestyle. He frequently shares videos documenting his fitness journey, inspiring people worldwide to pursue their fitness goals.

David Laid Training

David Laid’s intense training routine focuses on his favorite exercises like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. Training six times per week, sometimes for up to six hours daily, David follows a push, pull, and leg split that suits his fitness needs. His dedication to his fitness goals is evident in his consistent workout routine and impressive physique.

David laid

David Laid Nutrition

Overcoming a lack of appetite was one of David’s primary challenges in his muscle-building journey. He educated himself on macronutrients and adopted a flexible diet (IIFYM), emphasizing higher-calorie foods to combat this. David has discovered that a more straightforward approach to supplementation, including whey protein, creatine, pre-workout, and a multi-vitamin, is more effective for him.

David Laid’s YouTube Career

David’s YouTube career began in December 2013 when he shared his 18-month transformation video. This video went viral, attracting millions of subscribers and followers. 

Since then, David has continued to share his fitness journey through workout clips, collaborations, and Q&A sessions. He has also created two well-known training programs and partnered with companies like Gymshark.

David Laid Net Worth and Earnings

As of mid-2019, David Laid’s net worth is estimated to be over $125,000, primarily due to his YouTube success and brand development. 

His income comes from various sources, including ad placements on his videos and eBook sales. 

Some sources estimate David Laid’s net worth could be as high as $2 million, indicating significant potential for growth if he continues to expand his brand.

David Laid Physique

Standing 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall and weighing approximately 187lbs (85kgs), David Laid has maintained a slim build throughout his seven-year fitness journey. He values appearance and health in his fitness pursuits, choosing not to build excessive muscle mass.

David Laid Personal Life

In his personal life, David is currently in a relationship with dancer and fitness enthusiast Julia Jackson. 

David Laid Social Media Accounts

David Laid has a significant presence on social media platforms, with Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. As of writing this article, the following is a summary of David Laid’s social media accounts:

Facebook: David Laid has 392K followers on Facebook. He uses this platform to share his latest workout routines, fitness tips, and motivational messages with his followers.

YouTube: David Laid has 1.54M subscribers on his YouTube channel. He shares transformation videos, workout tips, and collaborations with other fitness influencers on this platform.

Instagram: David Laid has 3.2M followers on Instagram, making it his most significant social media following. He uses this platform to share photos and videos of his workouts, transformation, and daily life. He also collaborates with other fitness brands and influencers on Instagram.

David Laid’s social media presence has allowed him to reach millions worldwide and inspire them to pursue healthier lifestyles.

He consistently engages with his followers, answering their questions and providing motivation to help them achieve their fitness goals.


The inspiring journey of David Laid serves as a reminder that with dedication and hard work, it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

By sharing his story and fitness journey, David Laid inspires others to pursue their fitness goals and live healthier, happier lives.

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