Demetrius Andrade

Demetrius Andrade: Bio, Early Life, Boxing Career, and Net Worth

Demetrius Andrade is a beast in the boxing ring, and his skills have earned him great fame and fortune. But just how rich is this guy? 

In this article, we will examine his net worth, career highlights, and everything you need to know about this boxing superstar.

Demetrius Andrade Early Life

Demetrius Andrade was born on February 26, 1988, in Providence, Rhode Island. 

With a father and grandfather who were both pro boxers, it’s no surprise that Demetrius was drawn to the sport from a young age. 

He started boxing as a kid and quickly developed a reputation as a natural talent.

Demetrius Andrade Professional Boxing Career

Andrade turned pro in 2008 after winning the National Golden Gloves and the US Amateur Championship. 

He quickly proved himself to be a force reckoned with in the ring, winning his first 25 fights and becoming the WBO light-middleweight champion in 2013. 

In 2018, he moved up a weight class and won the WBO middleweight title. To date, he’s won all 30 professional fights, with 18 being by knockout.

Andrade is known for his slick defensive fighting style and ability to outsmart and outmaneuver his opponents. 

He’s got lightning-fast reflexes and excellent footwork, which makes him a tough opponent to beat. 

Despite his impressive record, Andrade has needed help securing fights with the top-tier fighters in his division, leading to frustration for him and his fans.

Demetrius Andrade Personal Life

Andrade is a private guy, so little about his personal life is known. 

He’s married and has two kids, and he loves spending time with his family when he’s not training for a fight. 

He’s also a big fan of fishing, and he can often be found out on the water when he’s got some free time.

Demetrius Andrade Net Worth

Demetrius Andrade Net Worth

So just how rich is Demetrius Andrade? Demetrius Andrade’s Net Worth is around $7 million. 

That’s a lot of dough, and he’s earned it through his successful boxing career, endorsements, and sponsorships. 

He’s been a brand ambassador for Audi, and he’s also done commercials for Dunkin’ Donuts.

Demetrius Andrade News

In recent news, Andrade has been calling out some of the biggest names in boxing, including Canelo Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, and Jermall Charlo. 

He’s hungry for more fights against top-tier opponents and is unafraid to let everyone know. 

He’s also been critical of the current state of boxing and called for more transparency in the sport.

In conclusion, Demetrius Andrade is a boxing superstar with a net worth to match. 

He’s a fierce competitor in the ring with the skills to back up his talk.

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