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Erin Banks: From Fresno Sports Star to Bodybuilding Sensation

Erin Banks’ remarkable story demonstrates how passion and determination can yield incredible success.

From excelling in high school sports in Fresno to conquering the bodybuilding world despite pandemic challenges, Erin’s journey is a testament to perseverance.

Winning the Arnold Men’s Physique competition twice and building a successful fitness brand with a $500,000 net worth, this article delves into Erin’s life, career, diet, and family, unveiling the essence of a true champion.

Erin Banks Early Life

Erin Banks was born and raised in Fresno, California, and was passionate about sports from an early age. 

He excelled in football, basketball, and track during high school. After college, he discovered competitive bodybuilding through a colleague and former IFBB bodybuilder. 

In 2019, he participated in his first bodybuilding show. The COVID-19 pandemic temporarily halted his bodybuilding journey, but he remained committed to his passion. 

He is now back in bodybuilding, representing Fresno and his current town of Fowler. 

Erin Banks Bodybuilding Career

Erin Banks has made a name for himself in professional bodybuilding with his impressive achievements in a short time. 

He qualified for the Mr. Olympia competition in his first year after winning the Men’s Physique at the New York Pro in 2021. 

Under the guidance of Flex Wheeler, a renowned bodybuilder, Erin trained hard and placed second in the 2021 Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique competition. 

He went on to win the title in 2022 and also won the Men’s Physique category at the Arnold Classic in 2023.

Erin Banks Impressive Physique

Erin Banks is a 35-year-old American with an impressive physique that reflects their dedication and hard work. 

Erin stands at 5 feet and 11 inches and weighs a solid 230 pounds. Their 19-inch arms and 46-inch chest are proof of their rigorous training regimen. 

Erin’s 30-inch waist indicates a well-rounded approach to health and exercise. Born in 1988 and practicing the Christian faith, Erin embodies the values of perseverance and passion.

Erin Banks’s Wife and Kids

Erin Banks, a dedicated husband and father is married to Kristy Farley Banks, who provides unwavering support to him in their journey together. 

Kristy is an accomplished teacher deeply involved in their children’s lives, guiding them with love and wisdom.

For Erin, family always comes first. He prioritizes quality time with his wife and children, fostering strong bonds between them. 

Erin Banks

Erin Banks Diet

Erin Banks, a two-time winner of the prestigious Arnold Men’s Physique bodybuilding competition, has built his success on a strict diet and a consistent workout routine. 

As a partner with fitness drink brand CELSIUS, Banks has inspired many, showcasing the power of discipline and dedication in his sport. 

A closer look at his year-round diet reveals the secrets behind his extraordinary achievements.

Sticking to the Essentials

Banks’ diet primarily consists of the same foods throughout the year, with steak and rice as his staples. 

This consistency helps him achieve and maintain his desired physical shape while focusing on his goals. 

His daily caloric intake ranges from 2,600 to 4,000 calories, with an impressive 300 grams of protein fueling his body.

Competition Preparation

As the competition approaches, Banks fine-tunes his diet to cut around two inches off his waist by burning body fat through a calorie deficit. 

His competition prep diet consists of 2,600 calories, including black coffee, eggs, Cream of Rice, a protein shake, chicken, rice, almonds or almond butter, and steak. 

To maintain optimal energy levels, Banks relies on a can of Celsius and increases his protein intake to around 300 grams and carbs to 200 grams.

Off-Season Maintenance

During the off-season, Banks increases his caloric intake to about 4,000 calories, consuming up to 500 grams of carbs to build and maintain muscle. 

Although the meal types remain consistent, the additional calories help him sustain his muscular physique while providing the necessary energy for his workout routine.

The Sweet Side of Success

While Banks is known for his disciplined diet, he does allow himself the occasional indulgence. 

His favorite treats include shrimp jambalaya and Oreo Supreme cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Post-competition cheat meals play a role in sculpting muscle and cutting body fat, contributing to his victories.

erin banks net worth

Erin Banks’ Net Worth

Erin Banks, a 34-year-old professional bodybuilder from Fresno, has built a notable fitness brand and a net worth of about $500,000. 

After winning his first competition and earning the IFBB Pro Card, Banks quickly became known for his impressive physique and strong work ethic. 

He used social media to connect with fans and secure lucrative sponsorship deals with leading fitness brands and supplement companies.

Banks diversified his income streams by creating his fitness products and services, ensuring his continued success in the industry. 

Erin Banks’ Social Media Accounts

Erin Banks maintains a solid social media presence to engage with fans and share his fitness journey.

On Instagram, he has amassed an impressive 329K followers, posting regular updates about his training, diet, and competition experiences.

Additionally, his YouTube channel has gained 6.86K subscribers, showcasing an array of workout routines, competition preparation, and lifestyle content that further inspires and educates those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Erin Banks Competition History

2023IFBB Arnold Classic USA ProMen’s Physique1st
2022IFBB Mr OlympiaMen’s Physique1st
2022IFBB Boston ProMen’s Physique1st
2022IFBB Pro Arnold Sports FestivalMen’s Physique1st
2021IFBB New York ProMen’s Physique2nd
2021IFBB New York ProMen’s Physique1st
2021IFBB Pittsburgh ProMen’s Physique3rd
2021IFBB Wasatch Warrior ProMen’s Physique2nd
2021IFBB Houston Tournament of ChampionsMen’s Physique2nd
2019NPC USA ChampionshipsMen’s Physique2nd
2019NPC Contra Costa ChampionshipsMen’s Physique1st

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