Eunhee Kang

Eunhee Kang: The Little Muscular Master from Korea

Meet Eunhee Kang, a female bodybuilder hailing from Korea. Her biggest muscle and strong point are her unrealistically aesthetic looks.

She’s been featured in many magazines, including Muscle & Fitness and Ironman Magazine.

In addition to being an athlete, she’s also an actor who has starred in several Korean dramas, including “The Beauty Inside” (2015), “Secret Forest” (2017), and “Are You Human Too?” (2018).

Eunhee Kang Diet

Eunhee’s diet is heavy on seafood and fish with rice. Could this be her secret to looking like this?

Eunhee Kang Career

Eunhee Kang is a 26-year-old South Korean hand player and bodybuilder. She stands six feet tall, making her a towering figure in bodybuilding.

Kang began training in 2008 as part of her college’s physical education program.

She started small, but it was only a short time before she won competitions and earned titles like Ms. Korea and Ms. Asia Pacific International Champion.

Kang has also competed against other professional female bodybuilders from around the world at events like the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) World Championships, where she placed fifth overall in 2017; IFBB Asian Championships; IFBB North America Championships; IFBB European Championships; IFBB Asia Pacific Championship…and more!

In addition to competing professionally, Kang makes fitness trendier by showing off her toned physique on Instagram (@eheekang).

She posts photos of herself working out or posing with other athletes–and sometimes even includes videos showcasing her strength training techniques!

Eunhee Kang Physique

Eunhee’s physique is highly developed, with a muscular midsection and massive triceps. She has visible veins on her arms and abs, which are also well-defined.

Eunhee Kang Background

Eunhee Kang is a female bodybuilder hailing from Korea. She started martial arts as a schoolgirl and then got into working out at the gym at 16. She’s very active on social media, with 154k Instagram followers and thousands more on Facebook and Twitter.

Eunhee Kang Physique

Eunhee Kang Statistics

Eunhee Kang is a bodybuilder from Korea. She has an impressive height of 159 centimeters (5.2 feet) and weighs 73 kilograms in season and 80 kilograms off-season. Her biceps size is 18 inches!


Eunhee Kang, a female bodybuilder hailing from Korea, participated in Mr. Giondikan 2018 and won her first competition.

She also competed in the IFBB World Championships held in Las Vegas last year as a representative of Korea.


Eunhee Kang is a female bodybuilder hailing from Korea. She has achieved many things in her career as a bodybuilder, including winning the 2017 Asian Bodybuilding Championships and placing second at the 2018 Asia Pacific Bodybuilding Championships.

She also competed in the IFBB World Amateur Championships, placing third overall and winning her weight class.

Her future goals include winning more competitions, such as the IFBB World Amateur Championships, again next year (2020).

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