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Giselle Machado: From Bikini to Wellness – A Journey Toward Fitness Success

Discover Giselle Machado, a 28-year-old Brazilian fitness sensation. Born in Rio do Sul, her passion led her to a thriving career and massive social media following. 

This post explores her journey from bikini contests to the Wellness division, dedication, and challenges. 

Learn about her accomplishments and how she inspires others through her social media. Dive into the captivating world of this boundary-breaking athlete.

Giselle Machado Biography

Giselle Machado is a 28-year-old Brazilian fitness model, and coach from Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil. 

She has gained a significant following on various social media platforms due to her passion and dedication to fitness, which led her to study Administration, Physical Education and obtain a postgraduate degree in Bodybuilding and Coaching. 

Giselle is happily married and enjoys music and traveling as her hobbies. 

Her zodiac sign is Leo, which underlines her confidence and ambition. Her Brazilian nationality represents the vibrant culture of her country, and her roots have played a vital role in shaping her passion for fitness.

Giselle Machado

Giselle Machado: A Journey from Bikini to Wellness and Beyond

Giselle Machado’s journey in the fitness world began when she was 18 years old. 

She started competing in the bikini category but later transitioned to the Wellness division because it allowed her to focus on building muscle without sacrificing her overall health.

Many people need to understand the Wellness division and assume that the competitors are much larger than they are, but Giselle has worked hard to dispel those misconceptions. 

She believes it’s crucial for athletes, especially women, to be self-aware and understand their bodies.

Giselle’s coach, Julio, introduced her to unique exercises that helped her transform her physique. Stretching and flexibility workouts have significantly impacted her muscle growth and overall development. 

One exercise that Giselle swears about is the abdominal vacuum, which she has been doing consistently for four years now. 

Although she recently started using growth hormones, she believes stretching and abdominal vacuums are more critical in her muscle growth.

Giselle has been competing for eight years and remains dedicated to the sport. 

Giselle Machado physique

Giselle Machado’s Competitions & Achievements

Giselle Machado is a determined athlete who has overcome visa challenges and is preparing for her first Olympia competition in 2022. Her passion for the sport and hard work make her a strong contender, even considered a “dark horse” for a top-five finish.

Giselle plans to participate in the Pittsburgh Pro and New York Pro competitions next year, regardless of her performance at Olympia. 

She has already won twice in the Arnold Ohio competition in Brazil, where she gained valuable experience despite facing difficulties and stress.

Giselle advocates for personalized training and nutrition and criticizes coaches who use a one-size-fits-all approach. She emphasizes the importance of arriving early at competitions like the Olympia to reduce stress and perform at her best.

Despite facing criticism and negativity, Giselle pursued her goals and received financial support from her coach while seeking a prestigious championship in Romania to promote her brand. 

She proved her commitment to the sport by competing with top athletes at the Olympia event, which she won, vindicating the pursuit of her dreams.

Giselle advises aspiring athletes to learn English, prepare for opportunities, and obtain necessary documents in advance, as she faced visa-related challenges during the pandemic. 

She also acknowledges the crucial support she received from her international coach in achieving her goals.

Giselle Machado fitness

Giselle Machado Impressive Physique

Giselle Machado, a fitness model and coach stands tall at an impressive height of 5’8″ (1.6 meters or 160 centimeters). She maintains a well-toned physique, weighing 70 kilograms (154 pounds). 

Her fair skin complexion, blond hair, and captivating brown eyes make her stand out in the world of fitness and modeling. Her tasteful tattoos further accentuate Giselle’s slim body type. 

Giselle Machado Personal Life

Giselle faced challenges when she moved to Las Vegas, but she remains committed to her goals and appreciates the support of the bodybuilding community.

She has sponsorship from four brands in Mexico, providing her with financial support and opportunities for photoshoots, custom products, and collaborations with other athletes.

Giselle chose to live in Mexico to make travel to competitions more accessible and to pursue better career opportunities.

She stresses the importance of making decisions based on personal goals and needs rather than being influenced by others.

Giselle credits bodybuilding with transforming her life by improving her health, self-esteem, and financial situation.

Although she enjoys learning content about health and bodybuilding, her busy schedule makes it challenging to find time for it.

Giselle is grateful for the opportunities provided by the NPC in Brazil and hopes to see more Brazilian athletes compete in the future.

Giselle Machado Social Media Presence

Giselle Machado’s social media presence has been instrumental in showcasing her fitness journey and expertise. 

With over 431,000 followers on Instagram, she has effectively built a loyal fanbase that appreciates her dedication and fitness tips. 

Her growing YouTube channel, boasting 667+ subscribers, further highlights her commitment to sharing her knowledge and engaging with her audience. 

Through both platforms, Giselle continues to inspire and motivate countless individuals on their fitness journeys, providing valuable content and demonstrating the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Giselle Machado Competitions History

2015IFBB SC Rookie State Champion4th
2016Santa Catarina IFBB SC Championship3rd
2017Arnold Classic South America8th
2017Bikini Fitness Junior8th
2018Arnold Classic South American Junior Wellness Champion
2019Sardine Classic3rd

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