Helle Trevino: From Small-Town Danish Roots to International Bodybuilding Icon

Born in the picturesque town of Sønderborg, Denmark, on July 9, 1975, Helle Trevino has become a renowned figure in bodybuilding, ranking second on the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding List. In addition to her Danish roots, Trevino also holds American nationality.

Helle Trevino’s Early Life

Growing up on a farm in Sønderborg, Helle Trevino (née Nielsen) embraced an active lifestyle, starting her athletic journey at three years old with gymnastics. 

Over the years, Trevino dabbled in various sports, including ballroom dancing, swimming, track and field, shot put, martial arts, horseback riding, boxing, cycling, ballet, and yoga.

Today, Helle Trevino is the second professional female bodybuilder from Denmark, following Lisser Frost-Larsen, who last competed in 1984. 

While studying English and German in college, Trevino’s passion for fitness inspired her to expand her knowledge in nutrition and training. 

In 2012, she boldly moved from Denmark to California to hone her skills at the legendary Gold’s Gym in Venice.

Helle Trevino Training

Helle Trevino’s Competitive Career

Since her competitive debut in 1998, Helle Trevino’s career has spanned over two decades, marked by two sabbaticals to reassess her goals and strategies. 

At 22, she competed for the first time under her maiden name, Nielsen, winning both the heavyweight and overall categories at the Danish Nationals Championships in 1998.

Trevino continued her winning streak at the 1998 Scandinavian Championships but faced a setback with a tenth-place finish at the 1999 World Championships in Australia. 

After a three-year hiatus, she returned to the stage in 2003 at the Jan Tana Classic, surprising everyone by sweeping the heavyweight and overall divisions. 

Later that year, Trevino placed fifth in the heavyweight class at the 2003 Ms. Olympia. However, she once again stepped away from competition for seven years.

Helle Trevino Impressive Physique

Helle Trevino, a female bodybuilding champion, was born in Sønderborg, Denmark, and stands 5’5″ tall. She maintains a lean weight of 165.3 lbs (75 kg) during competition season and bulks up to 180 lbs (82 kg) in the off-season. 

Helle Trevino Net Worth

Helle Trevino’s The Queen of Returns

In 2011, Helle Trevino returned to the competitive stage at FIBO Power Pro Germany, showcasing her sculpted physique and earning the title “queen of returns.” 

Despite a fourteenth-place finish at the 2011 Ms. Olympia, she remained determined to refine her muscle definition and separation based on judges’ feedback.

Helle Trevino’s Road to Recovery and Ms. Olympia Preparation: Venice to Dubai

Helle Trevino is recovering from two torn shoulder tendons and has set her sights on the 2022 Ms. Olympia title. She relocated to Dubai to focus on rehabilitation and competition preparation to achieve her goal. 

Although she will not compete this year, Trevino takes pride in her role, alongside other veterans, in revitalizing women’s bodybuilding, a division experiencing a surge in popularity.

Helle Trevino’s Impressive Record

Helle Trevino’s remarkable comeback includes winning the 2019 Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championship. 

As a top competitor for the Ms. Olympia title, Trevino secured third place in 2020 and an impressive runner-up finish in 2021, solidifying her status as one of bodybuilding’s most formidable contenders.

Helle Trevino secured her spot for the November 2023 Ms. Olympia competition.

Helle Trevino’s Training and Diet

Trevino adheres to a rigorous six-day-a-week training schedule, with each session lasting about two hours. Her off-season workouts feature more cardio than her contest preparation phase. 

Trevino’s meal plan remains consistent year-round, with chicken as her preferred protein source and daily servings of steak due to her body’s favorable response.

Helle Trevino IFBB Pro

Helle Trevino’s Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Helle Trevino is a successful bodybuilder with an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million, primarily earned through her sports career. 

Trevino boasts a solid social media presence, with 309K followers on Instagram, 24K followers on Twitter, 4.89K subscribers on YouTube, and an active Facebook page.

Helle Trevino Competition History

2021IFBB WOS Ms. OlympiaSecond-place
2021IFBB Pro League WOS Rising Phoenix Pro Women’s BodybuildingSecond-place
2020IFBB WOS Ms. OlympiaThird-place
2020IFBB Pro League WOS Rising Phoenix Pro WoWomen’sodybuildingSecond-place
2019IFBB Pro League WOS Rising Phoenix Pro Women’s BodybuildingFirst-place
2019IFWomen’sa ProFirst-place
2018IFBB Pro League WOS Rising Phoenix Pro Women’s BWomen’sdingFifth-place
2017IFBB Pro League WOS Rising Phoenix Pro Women’s BodybuildingFirst-place
2016IFBWomen’seague WOS Rising Phoenix Pro Women’s BodybuildingFourth-place
2015IFWomen’sLeague WOS Rising Phoenix Pro Women’s BodybuildingSecond-place
2015IWomen’s Chicago ProFirst-place
2014IFBB Omaha ProSeventh-place
2013IFBB PBWomen’s ProFifth-place
2012IFBB Ms. OlympiaTwelfth-place
2012IFBB WOS Chicago Pro-Am ExtravaganzaSecond-place
2012IFBB Europa Battle of Champions HartfordNinth-place
2011IFBB Ms. OlympiaFourteenth-place
2011IFBB FIBO Power Pro GermanyFirst-place
2003IFBB Ms. Olympia (HW)Fifth-place
2003IFBB Jan Tana Classic (HW and Overall)First-place
1999World Amateur Championships (HW)Tenth-place
1998Danish Championships (HW and Overall)First-place
1998Scandinavian Championships (HW and Overall)First-place


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