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How to Build Lean Muscles for Skinny Guys?

 How to build lean muscle for skinny guys

Being skinny is not a sin and you are not alone in this battle. A lot guys nowadays are going to the gym and so with celebrities. Most of them want to be masculine and be able to overcome the skinny man complex.

It is not really troublesome to build muscles for skinny guys, the problem is that a lot of people suffer from information overload.

Some of the experts say that it will be better to eat 10000 calories daily while the other one would say it’s best to eat 5000 calories only.

There is one gym trainer who would say you have to do 10 sets of bench presses, while Mr. Y says that it is best to do 3 sets only. It will be confusing for skinny guys who to follow, but experts do believe that only a former skinny guy knows best and he can direct you to the right path.

Muscle building guide

1- Throw those junk foods

You can start in your diet by throwing all those junk foods and go back to the basic healthy diet. You cannot build muscle by eating zero calorie enriched foods. When you eat tons of garbage daily, you will just end up being fat looking without the muscles. Nobody would want to look like that perhaps.

2- Eat 5 to 6 meals daily with an interval of 2 to 3 hours

If you will be loading yourself with lots of fats all at once, then you will feel bloated. This is the same thing when you eat a big meal all at once. You will end up storing lots of calories that will be converted as fats.

If you are in a 4000 calories daily, then dividing them in 5 meals daily will make you have 800 calories per meal instead of having 2kcal in every meal for 2 meals.

3- Increase your calorie intake

Every week or every 2 weeks if you haven’t seen changes in your body, then you need to increase your calories by 300 up to 500 calories only. You need to check your weight as well every 2 weeks and not every day.

Your weight must increase by 1 to 2lbs, if that is so then you just have to go on with the same amount of foods you eat, but if there is no game at all, then you need to increase your diet. If you gain a lot faster, it may be fat and not muscles.

4- Emphasize compound exercises

A lot of skinny guys at the gym are doing the bicep curls along with wrist curls, if you are very much serious about becoming lean, then it will be best to emphasize compound exercises only. These types of exercises will most of the muscle groups and this is very essential for skinny guys out there.

You must focus on big lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench presses and bent over rows. These are just simple exercises for skinny guys who wish to build muscles. This is because you don’t just work on your muscle fiber, but you are also able to lift more weight in every exercise.

This means more muscle size and strength too. Do you know that the more muscle work, the more the body will create higher amount of testosterone, which will enable your battle to finish.

5- Muscles may grow even outside of the gym

It is not a requirement to go to the gym to build muscles. A lot of people believe that they can only build muscle if they are in the gym spending money. This is not true at all, because muscles will take years to fully develop.

A skinny individual without supplements must wait and give so much time for the muscles to rest.  Some of the skinny guys also use cardio exercises to prevent boredom, but you also need to limit your cardio training. This is because you will get tired easily.

It will make you burn a lot of fats faster, which is not advisable for those who are still in the building muscle stage. You must focus on building muscle first and then you can try some cardio later on.

What to avoid

1- What must be avoided?

With things that should be done to build muscles for skinny guys, there are also some other things that must be avoided. Doing things in a wrong way may prevent you from reaching your goal and it can also lead to loss of strength.

2- Do not always follow a guru’s muscle building routine

Because you are not a professional in building muscles, there is no sense in joining a rigid training for those who will join a bodybuilding competition. Bear in mind that you may die from it more than getting the benefits.

A bodybuilder is not engaged in a particular program only, he usually changes the routines oftentimes, since there are lots of training choices available these days.

The programs are available for newbies, intermediate and for professionals, so you should never try any of the other levels if you are still a newbie.

3- Don’t depend much on supplements

Though, supplements are good, if you will not train and eat accordingly, the supplements will not work for you. Go through a diet plan and training first before you pick the right supplement.

4- Don’t be impolite at the gym

You do not want to be known in the gym as the skinny impolite guy. It’s best to always be polite and respectful while working out. You can ask politely if you need to use an equipment that is still being used by someone.

After you use the equipment, wipe it off with a clean towel as a sign of respect to the next users. If you are done with the reps, then you should wait for the others and never shout at them to make them hurry.

5- Don’t let disappointment ruin what you have started

If you failed to build muscle for the first time, don’t fret! Embrace it! Training to fail is just fine to be able to measure your strength. If you do not get the target reps, it is fine. You can always try next time. Never lose hope and always think positive.



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