How to Build Muscles for Women

How to Build Muscles for Women?

There are lots of wrongful information on the web when it comes to how to build muscle and how to stay fit at the same time.

It has been repeatedly said that women have more difficulty gaining muscles than men due to hormonal reasons.

Male gym trainers are convinced that most women training for muscle building go through the high rep technique, so burning fat and becoming toned will not be a problem. But does it provide good results?

Probably yes, if you are a newbie, or else, it will not lead you elsewhere, but it will just make you bored.

Often, women ask how they can lose weight and build muscle while looking at the body parts they want to eliminate. Though no women are identical, there are some tips you must keep in mind to get lean muscles.

Nowadays, women wish to get involved in different workouts to get lean body muscle. You need to know that building muscle is one way to stay fit and healthy at the same time.

On the other hand, you must not be worried about having the look of a man’s body since men and women differ in hormones, so women can’t have the body precisely as men.

Tips for building muscles

1- Exercise

Lifting heavy weights can be an essential element in building muscles for women. It must start with light weights first before you increase gradually.

This should be done until you have reached the desired body build. Keep in mind that bodybuilding exercises are beneficial to make your muscles more robust, and they will also provide you with lots of energy too.

Some regular bodybuilding exercises are available these days, such as crunches, dumbbell presses, clean medicine ball abdominal crunches, deadlift barbell presses, and flat bench dumbbell inclined.

In terms of building muscles, you can do this for 30-45 minutes 3-4 times weekly. You can also learn the proper ways to do cardio exercises with your regular routines; just be sure not to overdo exercise to lose weight.

Remember that your weight might not come off abruptly, especially when you are just starting to work out.

2- Do not devote so much of your time to the gym

The key to building muscles is lifting heavy weights, but the workouts must only be short for women. Long activities will not do you get.

Your workouts must contain 8-10 sets in all. If you do more than this, you will just for your muscles to overtrain or compromise the reps’ quality.

These things will not be helpful to you in building muscle mass. Building muscles in the gym must be done if you are not stressed while off work.

3- Eat healthy foods

There must be a diet plan for you to build muscles. Aside from learning different exercises to lose weight and build muscle, you must also eat healthy foods. Keep in mind that protein-rich foods are essential to develop muscles.

Foods like whey protein shakes are beneficial if you are working out to regain the lost energy.

It would be best to have enough carbs, glucose, and vitamins in your diet. You shouldn’t omit green leafy veggies, fresh fruits, and fish as well in your menu to help build muscles. Moreover, you must consume at least eight glasses of water daily.

4- Protein supplements

Protein supplements, when paired with exercise, can help you build muscles. The protein can also give you the energy your body needs to last for hours while you are amidst the workout.

Regarding building muscles for women, remember that energy is essential for you to go on accordingly throughout the day.

5- Watch the calorie intake

If your weight is 200 lbs and you only eat 1,200 calories, then you are not eating right. That does not mean consuming more junk to increase calories, but you must increase your protein intake.

In terms of calories, the body weight must be 10x, or it may be 200lbsx10 = 2,000 calories. It may seem like that much food must be consumed, but it’s not. Women should know that they must not starve themselves to lose weight.

The truth is that women don’t want to lose weight; they want to be lean and healthy at the same time.

Counting the calorie intake daily is just one way to lose weight. The body is quite more intelligent than the person owning it. You may fake it once or twice, but eventually, you will learn how to cope with your techniques.

The body will fight starvation by keeping everything you eat. Then you will just get involved in a cardio exercise and still not lose a pound; why is that so?

This is because the body keeps a lot of fats that it can use in the coming days, so you will not lose a digit for quite some time, no matter how hard you try.

6- Stay away from carbs

It doesn’t mean you must completely eradicate the carbs because that can make your plan to lose weight fail. What you need to do is to count how many carbs you take in a day.

It will be best to have a good log and know the types of foods that are high in carbs. The foods that must be avoided are sugar, candies, cakes, donuts, and pies.

You may also lessen your fruit intake. Fruits are mostly sugar, and natural sugar is still sugar. It will still make you fat if you eat a lot of it.

7- Eat small meals throughout the day

Women who wish to build muscles must start by eating small meals often. Eating six small meals per day instead of three big meals is much better for those wishing to develop muscles. It will also make your metabolism and energy levels consistent.

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