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Ida Bergfoth: Discover How She Built a Thriving Career in the Fitness Industry!

Ida Bergfoth Bio

Ida Bergfoth pinIda Bergfoth is a world-renowned fitness coach and Instagram star from Stockholm, Sweden, and resides in Los Angeles, California. 

Born on March 4, 1995, she is 27, stands at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), and weighs 54 kg (119 lbs). 

Her figure measurements are 34-28-36; she has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. 

Her boyfriend, Henrik Sunfvall, is a professional bodybuilder and fitness coach from Stockholm, Sweden.

Ida Bergfoth Career

Ida Bergfoth has dedicated her life to the world of weightlifting and fitness. At only 14 years old, Ida felt a calling to lift heavy things, leading her to join a local gym. 

She quickly found friends with similar passions; it was not until she moved to a larger city that her interest in fitness began to take off.

At 19, Ida balanced a whole life of work, partying, and socializing while deepening her passion for fitness. 

She started coaching athletes at the local gym, but when she reached 21, she realized this was her true mission in life. 

At 24, she stepped up on the stage for her first-ever Fitness Competition, a moment she’ll never forget.

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Ida Bergfoth Success Journey

Ida Bergfoth is a fitness coach and Instagram star from Sweden. Growing up, she was independent and always had an entrepreneurial spirit. 

She wanted to earn her own money and give gifts while receiving them in return. Ida was part of a large family with many sisters and a brother.

At a young age, Ida dreamed of going to the US and living the ‘American Pie life. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as she had planned. 

At 19 years old, her father was diagnosed with ALS, making her reflect on how she wanted to make him proud and pursue something he could be proud of.

She graduated high school, got a degree in nursing, and became certified as a personal trainer. Even then, she still worked multiple jobs simultaneously.

She moved to another city, found friends who loved to lift weights, and together, they stepped on stage, becoming the best bodybuilders in their town.

Ida Bergfoth has had a fascinating journey to success. It all started when Celsius, a leading energy drink company in Sweden, spotted her. 

They asked her to become an ambassador for their product, and Ida accepted the offer – she had loved the drink’s taste since she was a kid.

So Ida went on the road, driving and visiting different gyms across Sweden, talking about Celsius and showcasing her fitness routines. 

After meeting her now partner Henrik, they both got jobs as personal trainers in Stockholm. 

The couple then set their sights on Los Angeles and started taking steps toward making it happen. 

They applied for a student visa, which meant they could access a good student loan. They made it to the US and started taking classes and took the necessary steps to become a certified trainer in the US. 

ida bergfoth

Ida Bergfoth Workout

Ida Bergfoth Workout is a program to help her followers reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Her workout regimen consists of five to six days per week, each day devoted to a specific muscle group. 

Ida starts her sessions with dynamic warm-up exercises, including air squats, walking lunges, and jumping jacks to prepare her muscles for work. 

She then moves on to heavier compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, and rows, followed by bicep curls and triceps pushdowns. 

Her program also features core exercises such as planks, Russian twists, and mountain climbers that work the core muscles from all angles.

Ida’s workouts are designed to challenge all fitness levels, from beginner to experienced lifters. Ida takes the time to explain her workout process step-by-step and offers helpful tips for each exercise. 

She often utilizes banded resistance, supersets, and drop sets to shock her muscles into growth.

ida bergfoth

Ida Bergfoth Diet Plan

Ida Bergfoth Diet Plan is an effective way to build muscle mass. It emphasizes adequate protein intake, healthy fats, and essential micronutrients to promote muscle growth.

She recommends consuming 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily to support and grow their muscles. Protein not only contributes to muscle growth, but it also helps maintain good health. 

Healthy fats are also crucial for building muscle. Lean meats, nuts, avocados, and bananas are excellent sources of healthy fat that can help stimulate the formation of lean muscle.

In addition, these foods contain essential micronutrients such as potassium which aids in protein synthesis and muscle growth throughout the body.

Last but not least, Ida Bergfoth Diet Plan stresses the importance of consuming at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Fruits and vegetables help promote overall health as well as muscle growth.

Following Ida Bergfoth Diet Plan is an effective and efficient way to build muscle mass. Ensure you get adequate protein, healthy fats, essential micronutrients, and fruits and vegetables for maximum results!

ida bergfoth

Ida Bergfoth Net Worth

Ida Bergfoth has managed to build a successful career in the fitness industry. Ida Bergfoth has an estimated net worth between $300,000 – $400,000.

Ida has earned most of her wealth from Instagram Sponsorship and fitness training. 

She earns an average of $1,161.75 – $1,936.25 from sponsors on each post she makes on her Instagram.

She also earns an average annual salary of $34,348 as a fitness trainer.

 Ida Bergfoth Social Media Presence

Ida Bergfoth is a fitness coach and Instagram star with an impressive social media presence. 

On Instagram, Ida has amassed over 610,000 followers; on TikTok, she has grown her fan base to more than 231,900 fans. 

Her YouTube channel boasts nearly 10 thousand subscribers, and she has 6.9K followers on Facebook

With her personality and enthusiasm, it’s no wonder Ida can connect with so many people. 

She has become a trusted source of information in the fitness world and continues to inspire people everywhere with her passion for health and wellness. 

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