Janna Breslin Bio

Janna Breslin is an inspirational figure in today’s fitness industry – a shining example of what it takes to succeed. Starting her journey in 2008, she began training in the gym and modeling as a fitness and swimsuit model.

With her dedication, hard work, and determination, she was able to sculpt an incredible physique and compete in six bikini competitions, becoming a true icon of health and wellness.

Currently, Janna also works as a nutrition coach, helping others achieve their goals through healthy living habits.

Indeed an inspiring figure! Whether competing in fitness competitions or providing her expert knowledge on nutrition and fitness to the world, Janna Breslin continues to impact the fitness industry and beyond.

Janna Breslin

Janna Breslin Career

Janna Breslin has achieved a lot in her career and personal life. She is a renowned fitness trainer, model, and nutritional therapist from Southern California.

Growing up, she was passionate about sports, which led her to pursue a career in health science.

After graduating from West Lake High School, she enrolled in California State University Channel Island and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Health Communication.

Janna’s athletic career did not stop there. She soon became a sought-after fitness trainer and published several articles in prominent magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Self, and Flaunt Magazine. She has also been featured in several commercials and TV shows.

Janna Breslin Personal Life

Janna Breslin had a challenging year in 2020. After nine years of her marriage, she and her husband decided to get divorced.


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She experienced a great deal of emotional pain due to this but also found an outpouring of support from friends and family who wanted to help her through it. However, the divorce was only one of her challenges this year.

Janna also had to face deaths in her family, near debilitating anxiety, moving multiple times, and losing a company acquisition at the last minute. On top of that, she was dealing with the pandemic, which threatened her physical and mental health.

Janna believes it’s easy to feel alone when going through difficult times, but by sharing her experiences with her friends and family, she has realized how connected we all are and how much strength we can draw from each other.

She wants to help struggling people by showing them that they’re not alone and there is power in sharing our stories.

Janna Breslin Body Mesaurement

Janna Breslin has an impressive physique that she takes great pride in. She is 5ft 8in tall and weighs 139 lbs, giving her a curvy hourglass shape.

Her breasts are full and round with a 33-inch bust, 25-inch waist, and 35-inch hip measurements, which equate to a 38D (US) / 85D (EU) cup size of D (US).

Janna has beautiful brown hair and mesmerizing deep green eyes that match her look perfectly.

 Janna Breslin Training

Janna Breslin is a fitness instructor specializing in weight lifting and functional training. She structures her workouts to avoid overtraining, including lower, upper body, and rest days.

For lower body exercises, Janna focuses on squats and deadlifts, which she varies between sets of 4-8 reps with lighter weights for endurance and heavier weights for strength gains.

For upper body exercises, Janna likes to incorporate chin-ups, pull-ups, bench presses, rows, push-ups, and dips into her workouts, focusing on 5 sets or 10 reps per exercise.

She also does HIIT cardio 2-3 times a week, as well as walking and stair master for her cardio needs. Janna follows this routine to get the best results and stay fit!


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Janna Breslin Nutrition

Janna Breslin’s nutrition is based on a balanced diet rich in nutritious foods, emphasizing getting enough fats, proteins, and greens. She avoids certain food groups due to her Celiac Disease, such as gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy.

Janna doesn’t count calories anymore because she has learned to ‘eyeball’ her food portions. Her knowledge of Medications has built an effective stack that includes Probiotics, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Digestive Enzymes, N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), and Creatine.

Janna knows what works best for her body and enjoys the flavors and dishes that come with a healthy diet. With her balanced approach, Janna Breslin can get the most out of every meal while still feeling satisfied.