Jessica Sestrem

Meet Jessica Sestrem: The IFBB Junior Figure Athlete and Jujutsu Master

Jessica Sestrem is a force to be reckoned with in bodybuilding and fitness. 

Born in the United States on 31st January 1992, Jessica is not only an IFBB Junior Figure Athlete but also a Jujutsu master and a media personality. 

She has taken up a traditionally male-dominated career and become a massive inspiration to many women who would shy away from such sports.

Jessica Sestrem Early Life and Career Beginnings

Jessica Mafessolli Sestrem was born and raised in the United States. She came from a supportive family who encouraged her career choice. 

Her passion for bodybuilding started at a young age, and she worked hard to achieve her dream. 

Jessica became popular after posting workout videos and routines that were considered inspiring by many. 

She is known for her discipline and dedication, working hard to maintain her perfect body tone.

Jessica Sestrem Achievements in Bodybuilding

Jessica is ranked among the top bodybuilders globally, with more than 100,000 followers on social media. 

She has won numerous awards, including the IFBB Junior Figure Athlete title. 

Jessica’s dedication to her craft has seen her develop bicep muscles that resemble those of male weightlifters.

Jessica Sestrem Mastering Jujutsu

Jessica’s love for exercise, discipline, and dedication is evident in everything she does. 

With her body physique and structure, she has become an absolute master in Jujutsu, earning her the title of the sexiest Jujutsu master worldwide. 

In addition to bodybuilding, Jessica also practices ground-fighting sports such as Jujutsu.

Jessica Sestrem

Jessica Sestrem Personal Life

Jessica is a private person when it comes to her dating life. There are no controversies or rumors regarding her being in an intimate relationship in the past. 

Her love revolves around exercise machines and going to health clubs. When she is not showing off her biceps on camera, she spends quality time with her furry friend, a dog she owns. 

Jessica is an animal lover, and she includes her canine in some of her videos, and they look adorable together.

Inspiring Women to Practice a Healthy and Balanced Life

Jessica Sestrem encourages many women worldwide, proving that anything is possible with hard work, discipline, and dedication. 

Her social media presence has allowed her to inspire and nurture the feeling of maturity when one is healthy and fit. 

She encourages her followers to practice healthy and balanced lives and leads by example.


Jessica Sestrem is a phenomenal athlete making strides in bodybuilding and fitness.

Every person can learn from their dedication and discipline in achieving their dreams.

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