Julia Whitesel

Julia Whitesel’s Inspirational Journey to Becoming an IFBB Professional

Julia Whitesel is an IFBB professional, personal trainer, and fitness model. Her fitness journey began at 21 when she started working out to maintain her physique but later discovered a passion for bodybuilding. 

She developed a toned and muscular body through intense workouts and began participating in bodybuilding contests.

Transitioning from the Women’s Physique Division to Women’s Bodybuilding

Julia Danielle Whitesel is transitioning from Women’s Physique Division (WPD) to Women’s Bodybuilding due to her height and larger frame, believing it to be a more comfortable division. Julia earned a Pro card at the Olympia competition in 2019, becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Julia and Ryan Whitesel

Julia Whitesel Overcoming Struggles and Supporting Clients

Julia Whitesel’s journey to becoming a professional bodybuilder was not easy, and she shared her past struggles with drug addiction, highlighting how bodybuilding helped her overcome them. 

With her husband, Julia Whitesel runs a full-time personal training business, prepping clients and handling various aspects such as training, nutrition, and posing, tailoring it to individual needs.

Improving Her Physique and Competing in Major Events

Julia Whitesel is a professional bodybuilder, fitness model, and coach at 27. She is 5’8″ (172 cm) tall and weighs between 125-136 lbs (58-62 kg). Her biceps size is 15 inches, showcasing her dedication to maintaining a muscular, athletic physique.

One of the main concerns with Julia Whitesel’s physique is the width of her back; she is working on improving that aspect. 

She aims to bring a fuller, bigger, and better-presented physique with improved conditioning in her upcoming competition in Vancouver. 

Despite the outcomes, Julia Whitesel plans to compete in multiple shows to qualify for Miss Olympia.

Julia Whitesel

Julia Whitesel Social Media Presence and Admiration for Women’s Bodybuilding

Julia Danielle Whitesel is active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, sharing her workouts and bodybuilding content. 

She has developed a deep appreciation for the history and tradition of women’s bodybuilding, becoming more of a fan in recent years. 

She admires the physiques of Michaela Aycock, Andrea Shaw, and Mona, considering them excellent examples of women’s bodybuilding.

Julia Whitesel Among Top Competitors in Women’s Bodybuilding

The Vancouver Pro Vanish Showdown is a significant event in women’s bodybuilding. Last year, it had fewer attendees, but it was well-received by those who attended. 

Sherry Priyami and Andrea Sober are among the top competitors in women’s bodybuilding, known for their conditioning and unique physiques. 

Whitesel considers her strengths on stage to be her feminine shape, small waist, and conditioning comparable to Priyami’s.

Julia Whitesel

Watching the Olympia and Eager to Compete

Eager to compete on stage, Whitesel aims to qualify for Miss Olympia with her best physique. 

While Whitesel did not attend the Olympia this year, she watched it from home and appreciated the high level of competition. 

She regards Andrea Shaw as a tough competitor and challenging to surpass in women’s bodybuilding.


Julia Whitesel’s story is about determination, hard work, and overcoming challenges. As she continues to improve her physique and compete in major events, she inspires others seeking to achieve their fitness goals.

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  1. I really enjoyed your information on Ms. Julia Whitesel and became a big fan of hers yesterday when I saw her posing for the first time. Ms. Juila has a beautiful physique. She just needs to build up her arms and upper body more and with her height and age has a great chance of being the next Ms. Olympia

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