Kassandra Gillis

Kassandra Gillis: Discover the Inspirational Story Behind the Wellness Sensation

Kassandra Gillis is a dedicated athlete, fitness model, and celebrated bodybuilder, making her mark in the wellness industry. With numerous competition wins and a fast-growing fan base, Gillis inspires anyone seeking to transform their body and mindset. 

Today’s blog post will delve into her fitness journey, competition successes, and how she uses her platform to empower others.

Kassandra’s Path to Wellness: A Personal Transformation

Born in 1995 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Kassandra Gillis faced postpartum depression, anxiety, and a negative body image following the birth of her son. 

Determined to make a change, she began working out six times a week and, within a year, started competing in bodybuilding contests. 

Reconnecting with her childhood passion for fitness, Gillis lost 31 lbs during her transformation.

Kassandra Gillis Becoming an IFBB Pro 

In February 2020, Kassandra earned her Pro IFBB card in the figure category by winning an international show in Medellin, Colombia. 

As a fitness role model, she champions exercise as a treatment for depression and anxiety and is passionate about redefining beauty standards for women. 

Gillis finds motivation through her son and aims to empower other women by showing them that anything is possible with hard work.

Kassandra Gillis Competition Successes & The Road to Olympia

Kassandra Gillis has had an impressive run in the bodybuilding circuit, winning the women’s wellness division at the Toronto Pro Show and securing her spot in the Olympia. 

In the 2023 Arnold Classic, she claimed her first win of the season, the 2023 Wellness International title, and joined the 2023 Olympia Wellness roster alongside Francielle Mattos, Isabelle Nunes, and Angela Borges. 

She has also placed second in New York and Pittsburgh, showcasing her dedication to improving her stage presence, posing, and physique.

The Secrets to Kassandra’s Fitness Regime

Gillis believes in finding the right balance between being too hard and lean or too soft in her training. 

This journey entails downsizing her upper body, focusing on her glutes and hamstrings, and not touching her upper body while building up her lower body. 

Before starting her prep for Olympia, she plans to take a break, thanking her support team, including her coach Chris, husband Damian, posing coach Ashley, supplement team, and friends.

Kassandra Gillis Net Worth

Kassandra Gillis’s Net Worth

Beyond her bodybuilding career, Kassandra Gillis is a successful entrepreneur, designing jeans for athletes that provide comfort and functionality. 

Kassandra Gillis earns an estimated net worth of $1 million from bodybuilding, her business, advertisements, and social media, inspiring millions worldwide.

Connect with Kassandra on Social Media

Boasting a solid social media presence, Kassandra Gillis has over 240,000 followers on Instagram

She shares her fitness journey, online exercise courses, and guidance on combining diet and exercise to achieve fitness and weight loss goals. 

Follow her to stay updated on her incredible journey and gain inspiration for your transformation.


Kassandra Gillis is proof of the power of determination and hard work. Her journey from postpartum struggles to becoming an IFBB Pro and wellness champion has inspired countless individuals to embark on their fitness journeys. 

As she continues to redefine beauty standards and empower women, we look forward to following her incredible story and witnessing her future successes.

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