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Kristina Dybdahl: How to Build a Strong Body and Mind

Meet Kristina Dybdahl: a powerhouse in body fitness, a trailblazer for women’s physique competitions, and an inspiration to fitness enthusiasts everywhere. 

This article will delve into Kristina’s incredible journey, exploring her roots in various sports, her transition to body fitness, and her experiences in the Arnold Amateur Figure competition. 

We’ll also discuss her future goals and aspirations and how she remains true to her vision of the ideal figure physique. So get ready to be inspired by the remarkable story of Kristina Dybdahl!

Kristina Dybdahl Background and Early Career

Kristina Dybdahl is a body fitness competitor from Norway. She has been competing since 2003 and has won several awards for her sports achievements.

Kristina started as an athlete in various sports, including triathlon and jiu-jitsu, before she began training with weights in 2001. She competed in her first fitness contest that same year and won it! 

Since then, she has continued to win competitions all over Europe while setting new standards for women’s physique competitions by being one of the first women to compete at such high levels while being small (5’3″).

Kristina attributes her success to hard work and a supportive family who helped her get where she is today–a champion!

Kristina Dybdahl Transition to Body Fitness

After a back injury in 2005, Kristina transitioned from powerlifting to body fitness. She won the Sweden Grand Prix in 2007 and 2008, considered one of the biggest shows in Scandinavia. She also won Loaded Cup- the biggest show in Scandinavia- in 2007 and 2008.

Arnold Amateur Figure Competition

Kristina Dybdahl is a champion body fitness competitor. She participated in the Arnold Amateur Figure competition, which was held on March 5th and 6th of 2019. 

Kristina was seeking a challenge and the opportunity to be compared to some of the best athletes in the world. She was disappointed with how she placed because she felt her physique needed to fit their judging criteria.

Kristina believes that figure competitors should be allowed to have a more muscular and conditioned look while still maintaining a feminine appearance.

Kristina Dybdahl Fitness Journey and Goals

Kristina is committed to her fitness journey and continues to work toward her goals. She has faced many challenges and setbacks but always finds a way to overcome them. She stays true to her ideals and focuses on being satisfied with her physique.

kristina dybdahl

Support from Peter Lagermand

Kristina’s boyfriend, Peter Lagermand, has dramatically supported her fitness journey. He placed third in the middleweight class at the IFBB Northern Europe Championships and has competed since 2002. 

The couple shares a similar lifestyle, which allows them to encourage each other through their struggles and triumphs.

Judging Criteria in the US

I’ve been a competitor in the US for many years, and I find it very disappointing that the judging criteria are so lenient here. They allow less conditioned girls to compete in Figure and more muscular girls in Bikinis, which I don’t understand.

In Europe, where I currently live, there’s no “over conditioning” because everyone works hard for their physique and has good muscle tone–it’s just how things are done over here! 

They reward hard work and a more muscular look rather than focusing on body fat percentage or symmetry.

Ideal Figure Physique

The ideal figure physique is symmetrical, muscular, and balanced. The competitor should look like they have put in the effort with weight training and not just dieting. 

The competitor must also be able to show off their muscle tone while maintaining a balance between the shape and condition of their body.

Achieving this ideal Figure requires dedication, discipline, and hard work daily – but it’s worth it!

Contest Preparation

  • I listened to her body and adjusted her plan accordingly.
  • She reduced her cardio and increased her food intake.
  • Especially carbs!
  • This led to Kristina’s best shape, which she felt was good because she’d been struggling with an injury for a while and wanted to ensure she was in tip-top shape before competing again.

Kristina Dybdahl Plans for Pursuing a Pro Card

Kristina’s preparation for the European Championships will remain largely the same since she has discovered what works best for her body. 

She plans to continue training throughout the summer and fall seasons while spending time with family and friends. Additionally, she looks forward to attending the Olympia competition as a spectator.

Her ultimate goal is to improve her physique, focus on her stomach and upper back, and maintain her winning streak in future competitions. She aims to reach the finals at her first IFBB International Championships contest, the European Championships in Slovakia.


Kristina Dybdahl is an accomplished IFBB Pro Figure Olympia and a highly sought-after fitness coach. She remains committed to her fitness journey and will undoubtedly achieve her goals in the future.

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