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Lauren Calderoni: A Journey from Martial Arts to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Lauren Calderoni is a 26-year-old IFBB pro bodybuilder who recently moved to Connecticut for better job opportunities.

With an unconventional background in martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour, Lauren has forged her unique path in the fitness world. This blog post explores her journey, challenges, and plans.

Developing Athleticism through Martial Arts 

Lauren’s passion for sports began with martial arts such as MMA and Judo. Although not skilled at traditional sports, she was drawn to activities that allowed her to develop her athleticism and embrace her adventurous spirit.

Lauren Calderoni’s Achievement

At age 26, Lauren earned her pro card with a stage weight of around 119-122 pounds and a height of 5’2″. She acknowledges the gap between earning a pro card and competing at a pro level, which may require more lean tissue.

Lauren Calderoni

Lauren Calderoni’s Story

Lauren’s unique athletic interests have contributed to her success in bodybuilding. Her story illustrates the importance of finding one’s unique path in the fitness world, as many women in bodybuilding come from diverse athletic backgrounds, including competitive dance and martial arts.

Lauren Calderoni’s Journey to Bodybuilding Success

Growing up on a farm, Lauren always had a tomboyish and adventurous spirit. She began weight training alongside her Jiu-Jitsu practice and discovered her passion for bodybuilding in college.

With the support of her fiancé and friends, she delved into formal training and found inspiration at PowerHouse gym in New Haven, Connecticut.

Lauren Calderoni’s Perspective: Personal Decisions and Bodybuilding

After experiencing success in her first shows, Lauren took some time off for breast augmentation—a personal decision not solely influenced by bodybuilding. She emphasizes that her decisions about her body are her own and not just based on the sport.

Lauren Calderoni

Lauren Calderoni’s Approach: Balancing Life and Bodybuilding Goals

Currently engaged and set to be married on September 9th, Lauren is focused on her career, engagement, and future family plans while prioritizing bodybuilding. She works as an electromechanical engineer, which allows her to manage her bodybuilding prep efficiently.

Lauren Calderoni’s Experience: Coaching, Diet, and Progress: 

Under coach Gordon Falcetti for almost three years, Lauren has made significant progress in her bodybuilding journey. She stresses the importance of a structured diet and consistent gym routine for achieving improvements.

Lauren Calderoni: Future Plans and Competitions

Lauren plans to continue growing and assess her readiness for competitions in the coming months. She’s considering the Hurricane Pro in Florida for her pro debut at the end of October.

 Lauren Calderoni’s Insights: Navigating Social Media and Setting Boundaries

Lauren candidly shares her pet peeves and experiences with social media, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and embracing the off-season.

She also advises women in bodybuilding, encouraging them to commit to their dreams and not set low expectations.

To follow Lauren’s journey, you can find her on Instagram at @lorencalderoni.


Lauren Calderoni’s story is a testament to embracing individual differences and forging one’s unique path in the fitness world. As she balances her personal life and bodybuilding goals, she inspires others who seek to pursue their passions.

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