List of Foods That Contain the Most Amino Acids

List of Foods That Contain the Most Amino Acids

When you are hoping to get fit and healthy, it is not enough to simply exercise a lot: you need to carefully monitor what is going into your body.

Food and drink contains almost everything that you need to make your workouts really count: to lose weight and to build muscle as quickly as possible.

If you are careful about what you eat and how much you eat, you will see the results of your exercise much quicker and will also feel a lot healthier than if you simply train without altering your diet.

Your diet should be focused around the most important minerals and vitamins that can be assimilated into the body from fruits and vegetables, as well as things such as protein and carbohydrates.

However, one essential thing that most people omit when designing specialist diets to complement their exercise regimes is amino acid. There are different sorts of amino acids that can really help deliver excellent results in next to no time.

What are amino acids and what do you need them?

Amino acids are naturally occurring compounds that can be found in the body as well as in foods of all different sorts.

They are essential to living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy body. They have a number of benefits and uses that can help you see the results of exercise quickly and easily. Amongst other things, amino acids have the following functions:

They help reduce recovery times

When you exercise, you will no doubt feel sore the next morning, particularly if you worked extra hard. If you take certain amino acid supplements, however, or eat the right sorts of foods, then you can reduce or completely eliminate this residual pain easily.

Amino acids are an essential part of maintaining and fixing your muscles when they have been torn or worked particularly hard during a training session. They promote the health and even the growth of your muscles, which links to the point below.

They can help with muscle growth

If you are hoping to gain muscle mass quickly, you will need not only to take in plenty of protein by eating meat and drinking protein shakes, but you will also need to take amino acid supplements.

There are many different amino acids out there that promote muscle growth, helping you gain muscle mass quicker and helping it stay for longer.

They can help loss of fat

If you are exercising to lose a bit of weight, you will want to invest in amino acid supplements. Certain amino acids are linked to weight loss, which means that taking them can help you see results quicker and with less effort.

You will still need to eat well and do plenty of exercise, of course, but amino acids can help you to see a difference in no time at all.

Foods with the most amino acids

There are different ways to introduce amino acids into your system. Some amino acids (called ‘non-essential’ amino acids) actually occur naturally in the body, which means that you do not need to make sure that you eat foods or supplements with these amino acids in.

However, there are plenty of amino acids that the body cannot synthesize, which means that the best way to get them into the body is by eating foods that are rich in those particular sorts of amino acids. Below is a list of the best foods for amino acid consumption:

Poultry and seafood

Whereas you might be eating more red meat to increase your protein intake, eating poultry and seafood can help you increase your amino acid intake. In fact, poultry can deliver both protein and amino acids.

In just a three ounce portion of chicken you will find at least 28 grams of protein. Halibut and salmon are the best seafood to try for protein and other amino acids, whereas sole and cod have slightly less protein but are still packed full of amino acids.

Lean meat

If you are eating red meats for protein, you are actually inadvertently taking in amino acids at the same time. There is a huge amount of protein even in a small portion of beef or pork, as well as plenty of different amino acids that are naturally found in these meats.


If you are a vegetarian and do not want to have to eat beef, pork or chicken to get your protein and amino acid fix each day, then eating eggs provides an easy answer. Eggs are full of protein and are very good for you. Not only that, but they provide a healthy dose of amino acids, too.

Dairy products

Dairy products, although often fatty, can be a great way to get more amino acids into your system without having to eat more meat (which tends to be quite expensive). You do not have to eat an awful lot to reap the rewards, either: just a small amount of cheese or yoghurt is packed full of the things that you need to start building and maintaining muscle mass.

Quinoa and soy

Another option for the vegetarian – or for those who do not want to have to buy a lot of meat to get the requisite amount of protein and amino acids – is quinoa. This is a relative new comer to the market and is now considered a super food.

It is full of amino acids and is a great addition to any meal, since it can fill you up quickly with just a small portion. It is nowhere near as expensive as meat, either, which makes it a very cheap source of all the amino acids your body needs to perform well.

In addition, there are plenty of soy products that contain plenty of amino acids that your body can use to build and fix muscle as well as shed weight and reduce recovery times after periods of intense training.



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