Natalia Abraham Coelho

Natalia Abraham Coelho: The Brazilian-American Women’s Physique Champion

Natalia Abraham Coelho is a name that has become synonymous with determination, hard work, and success. 

The Brazilian-American athlete has become a two-time Physique International (Arnold Classic) contest winner and a top-ranked Women’s Physique competitor on the Olympia stage. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at the life and accomplishments of Natalia Abraham Coelho, including her background, training regime, diet plan, and personal life.

Natalia Abraham Coelho Early Life and Athletic Background

Natalia Coelho was born in New York, USA, but moved to Brazil early and grew up in Rio de Janeiro. 

As a child, she was involved in many sports, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and ballet. 

However, the martial art of Muay Thai captured her interest the most. 

Natalia’s brother introduced her to the sport, and despite being the only girl in a class full of boys, she persisted and trained hard.

Natalia Abraham Coelho Physical Appearance

Natalia Abraham Coelho is known for her incredibly chiseled and muscular physique. 

Her dedication to fitness and bodybuilding is evident in her toned and sculpted muscles, which allow her to compete at the highest levels in the women’s physique division. 

Standing at 5’6″ and weighing around 150 pounds in competition shape, Natalia’s physique is a testament to her hard work and discipline in the gym and her diet. 

Her impressive muscularity is complemented by her feminine curves, which give her a unique and striking appearance on stage. She embodies the ideal of a strong, fit, and confident woman.

Natalia Abraham Coelho Personal Life

Natalia Abraham Coelho is single in her personal life, but she has expressed her attraction to big and muscular guys, preferably bodybuilders. 

According to her social media details, Natalia has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

Natalia’s mother is her biggest supporter and often travels with her, and she has a good relationship with her father despite living in a different country.

Moving to the US

At age fifteen, Natalia moved to the United States with her mother, leaving behind her father and the life she knew in Brazil. 

It was a difficult decision, but Natalia embraced the opportunity to start anew and learn English, which she did quickly. 

She also pursued her interest in bodybuilding, a sport she had admired from afar but was not popular in the country she grew up in.

Natalia Abraham Coelho Bodybuilding Career

Natalia Abraham Coelho’s bodybuilding career began in earnest when she turned pro at nineteen and competed in her first Olympia at the same age. 

She competed in the Figure division for her first two Olympia appearances before switching to Women’s Physique, the division she currently competes in. 

Since making the switch, she has placed in the top three in every competition and has been the runner-up at the Olympia twice. 

Natalia believes it’s “just a matter of time” before she wins the Olympia, and her strong mindset and visualization techniques have helped her get closer to that goal.

Natalia Abraham Coelho

Natalia Abraham Coelho Training Regime

Natalia Abraham Coelho trains about four times per week and does cardio a few times at a lower intensity. 

Her training strategy typically involves doing 8-10 reps per set, and she likes to use methods such as supersets and drop sets to mix things up. 

She wants more volume-type training as it’s easier on the joints compared to focusing just on heavy training.

Natalia Abraham Coelho Diet and Nutrition

Natalia Abraham Coelho is very strict regarding her diet and nutrition. She’s conscious of what she puts into her body because she knows it significantly impacts her success and health. 

While her food choices and macros change with her progress and from show to show, she typically eats six meals daily. 

Her food choices include sweet potatoes, oatmeal, rice, broccoli, asparagus, coconut oil, almonds, and avocado.

2022Mr. Olympia Women’s Physique1st
2022MuscleContest Brazil Pro1st
2022New York Pro1st
2022IFBB Pittsburgh Pro1st
2021Legion Sports Fest Women’s Physique1st
2021IFBB Atlantic Coast Pro1st
2021Olympia Women’s Physique2nd
2020Olympia Women’s Physique3rd
2020Women’s Physique International1st
2019Olympia Women’s Physique3rd
2019Arizona Pro Women’s Physique2nd
2019St. Louis Pro Women’s Physique1st
2019Physique International1st
2018Olympia Women’s Physique2nd
2018Arizona Pro Women’s Physique1st
2018Atlantic Coast Pro Women’s Physique1st
2018Women’s Physique International2nd
2017Olympia Figure16th
2017Ultimate Warriors Pro Women’s Physique1st
2017Europa Dallas Pro Women’s Figure1st
2017Europa Orlando Pro Women’s Figure2nd
2016Olympia Figure15th
2016Tampa Pro Women’s Figure4th
2016Europa Dallas Pro Women’s Figure2nd
2016Europa Orlando Pro Women’s Figure2nd
2016Miami Muscle Beach Pro Women’s Figure4th
2015Nationals Women’s Figure Class C1st
2015North American Championships Women’s Figure Class C5th
2014NPC All-South Championships1st (nationally qualified)
2014NPC Southeastern USA1st teens, 4th Open
2014NPC Orlando Europa Games1st
2014Jax Physique3rd
2014NPC Mid Florida1st
2013NPC Southeastern USA1st


Natalia Abraham Coelho is a strong mindset and hard work. Her athletic background, bodybuilding career, training regime, and diet plan are all testaments to her commitment to excellence. 

However, her success goes beyond her physical accomplishments; her positive attitude, perseverance, and inspiring personality have made her a role model for many. 

We can’t wait to see what Natalia Abraham Coelho accomplishes next.

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