Paula Ranta

Paula Ranta: Finnish IFBB Pro Athlete Shares Her Story, Workout Routine and Diet Plan!

Paula Ranta Bio

Paula Ranta is an IFBB Professional athlete and Bodybuilder who is currently 23 years old and Finnish. She stands at an impressive 5 foot 7 inches tall. 

Paula Ranta Fitness Journey

At the beginning of her journey to achieve physical fitness and reach her desired curvy figure, she joined a gym and dedicated herself to her cause. 

Through careful guidance from her trainer, she understood healthy nutrition principles and effective fitness regimens.

By 21, she was the fittest version of herself and a competitive fitness contender with numerous wins.

At such a young age, she has already achieved remarkable accomplishments, such as competing and placing third in the Arnold Classic UK 2020. Her next goal is to join the esteemed Olympia 2022 competition. 

Paula Ranta Workout Routine

Paula is an avid gym-goer who takes her fitness seriously. She begins each workout session with a warm-up to ensure her body is ready for the upcoming activities. 

Paula enjoys jumping squats, single-leg deadlifts, and core and cardio workouts.

Paula Ranta training

She works hard to maintain her physique and loves pushing herself with high-intensity exercises.

To stay in peak physical condition, Paula works out five days a week and trains for competitions to keep her skills sharp.

Paula Ranta Diet Plan

As a bodybuilder, Paula Ranta particularly likes sticking to the Western-style diet, favoring fruits and vegetables from the region.

While she makes sure to get some of her protein intakes through non-veg sources, she also likes to indulge in protein cake again. 

Paula Ranta’s Instagram Account

If you want inspiration and motivation to get into shape, then follow Paula Ranta on Instagram

She shares images and videos about everything fitness-related, from workouts to healthy eating tips and lifestyle advice. 

She is passionate about helping others reach their goals and provides valuable insights to help you achieve your desired body shape. 

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