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Rene Marven: The Art of Feminine Muscle and Her Impact on Women’s Bodybuilding

Rene Marven is an accomplished bodybuilder who challenges stereotypes and pushes boundaries in the fitness world. 

In this comprehensive look into her life, we’ll explore her early fitness journey, competitive spirit, strength amid adversity, off-season misconceptions, role models, and interests outside the gym. 

Join us as we dive into Rene’s impressive achievements, contest history, and valuable lessons learned along the way.

Meet Rene Marven

Rene Marven, a versatile 36-year-old athlete from Wappingers Falls, New York, has an impressive track record in gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, and softball.

Her commitment to fitness took root at Roy C. Ketcham Senior High School, where she uncovered a passion for bodybuilding at the renowned Gold’s Gym.

Between 2005 and 2007, Rene furthered her education at Dutchess Community College while nurturing her athletic interests.

Presently, she is employed as an athlete at Performance Supplements. Living in Chandler, Arizona, Rene’s close-knit family includes her brother Louie Marven and mother, Roz Croswell.

Rene Marven husband

Rene Marven Husband

Mark Smith, also known as “The Shark,” is a professional bodybuilder and a highly educated individual. 

He holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University, a Master’s in Leadership from Grand Canyon University, and has studied at the University of Phoenix. 

He is also a Professor and Chair at the University of Advancing Technology. Mark’s dedication to personal growth is evident in his professional accomplishments and passion for bodybuilding, which earned him the IFBB Pro title. 

Rene Marven Fitness Journey

With her gymnastics experience and exposure to bodybuilding through her job at Vitamin Shoppe, Rene felt inspired to compete. 

Rene’s pursuit of fitness started with Zumba and cardio workouts at Gold’s Gym. A 12-week body transformation program eventually introduced her to weight training, igniting her love for the sport.

Despite initial hesitation from family and friends, they soon became supportive, witnessing Rene’s dedication and impressive results. 

Although she had never attended a bodybuilding competition, Rene embraced the experience and enjoyed connecting with like-minded athletes.

Rene Marven Competitive Spirit and Success

Rene’s passion, commitment, and support from loved ones have propelled her to excel in bodybuilding. 

She has participated in various INBF divisions, including Fit Body, Figure, and Bikini. 

With plans to compete in INBF Female Bodybuilding next season, Rene also aims to assist other women in preparing for any division.

Rene Marven bodybuilding

Rene Marven Strength in Adversity

Despite past injuries, Rene’s back stands out as her most notable feature, significantly improving in size and strength. 

She enjoys training her shoulders, particularly the rear delt area and prefers the Hammer-Strength press exercise. 

Following a 4-day training split, Rene tailors her diet based on blood type beneficial/neutral foods, adjusting macro-nutrients and protein sources accordingly. 

She relies on a post-workout whey protein isolate shake for recovery.

Rene Marven Offseason and Misconceptions

During the offseason, Rene maintains a predominantly clean diet with occasional unplanned meals, preparing for her Spring show. 

People generally respond positively to her physique and competitive endeavors. 

A common misconception is that female bodybuilders aim to resemble men; however, they strive to showcase their muscles in a feminine and appealing manner. Diet is a crucial factor, not merely weight training.

Rene Marven Role Models and Nutrition Advice

Women are progressively training as rigorously as men in the gym, acquiring a deeper understanding of diet and training. 

Rene admires numerous male and female competitors in the industry. She enjoys sushi as a cheat meal and believes women should not fear lifting weights for optimal results.

Rene Marven Life Outside the Gym

Rene’s interests outside the gym include traveling, shopping, dancing, beach trips, and spending time with family and friends. Her typical day comprises meals, workouts, work, and relaxation. 

Known for her ambitious, energetic, approachable, encouraging, and knowledgeable nature, Rene worked as a bartender and shot girl for a year before fully embracing a fitness lifestyle.

Rene Marven ifbb pro

Rene Marven Impressive Achievements

At 26 years old, Rene Marven is already an accomplished bodybuilder, winning the New York Grand Prix Overall Winner and several other titles. 

Her background in cheerleading and gymnastics has helped her develop confidence, have fun on stage, and create unique bodybuilding routines. 

Promoting feminine muscle, Rene aims to show other women that it’s possible to look feminine and girly while still being muscular, hoping to inspire more women to join the sport of bodybuilding.

Rene Marven Contest History

2007INBF NYS2nd place Figure
2007INBF Monster Mash3rd place Figure
2008INBF Hercules6th place Figure, 5th place Fit Body
2009INBF NYS2nd place Figure, 3rd place Best Body Bikini, 10th place Fit Body
2009INBF Monster Mash9th place Figure, 8th place Fit Body
2009INBF World Championships5th place Figure


Rene’s journey showcases the importance of working in different roles within a sports program, personal training for achieving fitness goals, and the impact of weight training. 

Diet, structured workout plans, and proper rest days are crucial in determining one’s physique and success in various fitness competitions. 

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