Sarah Crail IFBB Women’s Physique pro

Sarah Crail: From Fitness Newbie to IFBB Women’s Physique Pro

In this blog post, where we’ll explore the fascinating world of Sarah Crail, her love for bodybuilding, and the training secrets that have shaped her healthier lifestyle.

Sarah’s story promises to ignite your passion and help you stride confidently toward your goals.

The Road to Becoming an IFBB Pro

Meet Sarah Crail, a 26-year-old bodybuilder from Brisbane, Australia, who has been dedicated to the sport since she was 20. 

With inspirations like Cory Everson and the movie Double Impact, Sarah’s journey in bodybuilding began with a love for the sport and a constant desire to improve herself. 

Despite genetic challenges, particularly with her leg development, she has cultivated an impressive physique and become an IFBB Women’s Physique Pro.

Building Muscle: Proof of Hard Work and Consistency

Sarah emphasizes the importance of effort, consistency, and proper nutrition in building muscle. 

She believes the confidence boost she gained from working out has positively impacted her life, providing her with a solid mental foundation and an outlet for her energy and emotions. 

During her last off-season, Sarah changed her diet significantly, consuming many whole foods and carbohydrates to support her muscle growth.

Sarah Crail

Sarah Crail Tips for Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

For those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Sarah advises making better choices, taking small steps, and avoiding trying to do too much too quickly. 

Sarah loves incorporating cardio into her balanced workout routine, which includes an energizing hour-long session in the morning and an invigorating 30-minute session after her workouts. 

She believes that cardio is a crucial component of any fitness plan and enjoys its benefits to her overall health and well-being.

As for sleep, Sarah admits that she struggles with it but recognizes its importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, aiming for a minimum of nine hours per night.

Sarah Crail Mastering the Art of Posing

Contrary to popular belief, posing is one of the most challenging aspects of bodybuilding. It takes time, practice, and dedication to master various poses and holds them for extended periods. 

Sarah draws inspiration from top professionals on Instagram and mimics their posing techniques to develop her unique style. To improve her posing, she focuses on developing a solid mind-muscle connection, which is essential for overall training success.

Resilience Amidst Obstacles

Despite facing setbacks due to COVID-19 lockdowns and gym closures, Sarah adapted by working at home and focusing on her goals. 

She receives positive and negative attention as a bodybuilder but copes by staying in her world and not focusing on the stares and comments.

Sarah Crail Bodybuilding Journey

Sarah thrives in the disciplined bodybuilding lifestyle, enjoying the process and challenges it brings, including dieting and intense training. 

During her offseason and home quarantine workouts, she has found techniques to make lighter weights feel heavy, which has helped her maintain her progress. 

Incorporating time under tension training techniques, such as pause reps, has been beneficial for her workout routine, leading to improved muscle development and strength.

Sarah Crail Training Routines and Approaches

Regarding arm day, Sarah focuses on the triceps twice a week, combining three exercises for the biceps and three for the triceps. She emphasizes changing angles and going to failure for maximum results. 

On shoulder day, she stresses the importance of high volume and staying caught up with heavyweights, recommending a focus on lateral raises and maintaining high reps. 

Sarah doesn’t change her training approach as she gets leaner, believing that the way you build muscle is the same way to maintain it.

Sarah Crail Personal life

Sarah Crail Personal Milestones and Support

One of Sarah’s most memorable moments was coaching herself in her last show, achieving shredded glutes and a highly defined physique without knowing precisely what she was doing. 

While her mother initially hesitated about her bodybuilding journey, her family has become more supportive as they’ve seen her progress. 

Sarah is also grateful for the guidance of her coach, Shelby Starnes, a prep guru who makes daily adjustments to her diet based on her needs.

Sarah Crail Cheat Meal and Fitness Advice

Sarah occasionally indulges in a cheat meal, with her go-to choice being KFC, particularly the Zinger burger and popcorn chicken. 

For those starting a fitness journey, she suggests making small, gradual changes over time, creating healthy habits, and finding a form of exercise you enjoy.

Sarah Crail Future Goals and Perspectives on the Sport

Sarah hopes to become a pro bodybuilder and explore opportunities to compete overseas. 

She suggests two changes to the sport of bodybuilding to change the stereotype of bodybuilding as being only for “scary manly” individuals.

And to have more objective competition criteria and rules to prevent subjective judging. 

In her training, Sarah has been focusing on developing more giant legs and has seen their size and strength improvement.

Giving Credit and Sharing Inspiration

Sarah warmly acknowledges her coach, Shelby Starnes, and her supportive training partner Ken, who have played a significant role in her incredible fitness journey. 

She encourages those seeking inspiration and motivation toward their fitness goals to check out her Instagram page, where she shares insights into her journey and supports others.

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