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Stefanie Cohen: The Powerlifting Phenom Breaking Records and Taking Names

Meet Stefanie Cohen, the powerhouse powerlifter famous for being one of the strongest women in the world! She’s from Venezuela but moved to the USA to show off her skills. 

Stefanie is so strong that she holds the APA deadlift world record for lifting 402 lbs at just 123 lbs of body weight. 

But get this; her personal best is even more impressive – she lifted a massive 501lbs at just 121lbs of bodyweight and 5 feet tall! That’s over four times her weight. No other woman has ever done that before! 

Stefanie is proud of her achievements, but she’s far from done. She’s constantly pushing herself to break new records and make history in powerlifting.

Stefani Cohen Bio

Stefani Cohen is a notable figure in the powerlifting world, having gained recognition for her impressive performances in competitions. 

Standing 5 feet tall and weighing 55kg, Stefani’s dedication and hard work have earned her a place among the top powerlifters in the industry. 

Born on March 28, 1992, in Caracas, Venezuela, this 31-year-old athlete is of Venezuelan and American descent and identifies as white.

Stefani’s interest in sports started at a young age, and she played soccer and tennis for her elementary school’s team. Her family moved to the United States, where she continued to play soccer in high school. 

At 15, Stefani began going to the gym and sculpting her body. After completing her high school education, she focused on soccer and weightlifting. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiology and Sports Medicine, graduating in 2004. 

In 2016, she also became a Certified Strength and Conditional Specialist.

Stefanie Cohen Training

Let’s talk about Stefanie Cohen’s training philosophy. One of the things she emphasizes is learning from your own experiences and mistakes. While having a coach is essential, it knows what works best for YOUR body is equally important. Stefanie changes her training routines as her goals change so that she can stay on top of her game.

Recovery is also crucial to training; Stefanie has learned this hard. She once ignored warning signs of low back pain and continued to lift heavy weights, which eventually caused her great pain. She wants to remind everyone that progress isn’t just about working hard and training but also about the recovery part.

Stefanie’s training method is called circuit training, which she believes is an effective way to increase fitness and strength. She combines different exercises in one workout, like doing a single-arm press and a tricep kickback with a heavy kettlebell swing in between. This makes for an intense and dynamic workout that keeps your body guessing.

Another critical aspect of training, according to Stefanie, is cardio. She believes that being able to last the duration is essential for powerlifting. 

In addition to circuit training, she incorporates cardio and accessory movements in her workouts to improve her overall health and ability to recover.

Lastly, Stefanie is not just a powerlifter but also a bodybuilder and weightlifter. She combined the best of all three to create her training style, called hybrid training.  

Stefanie Cohen Training

Stefanie Cohen Nutrition

Stefanie Cohen follows a well-balanced diet regime that emphasizes nutrient-dense foods to fuel her body’s optimal performance. Her approach centers on consuming protein-rich foods for muscle recovery, complex carbohydrates for energy to lift heavy weights, and healthy fats for overall health and hormonal balance.

To ensure that she is meeting her daily nutrient needs, Stefanie incorporates a variety of fruits and vegetables into her meals, which provide her with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Additionally, she drinks sparkling water, an excellent hydration source, and contains antioxidants that aid in reducing inflammation.

Despite her busy schedule, Stefanie prioritizes her health by consuming nutrient-rich foods. However, when her schedule doesn’t permit, she turns to supplements such as multivitamins and fish oil capsules to cover any nutrient gaps. 

Stefanie Cohen’s Net Worth

Stefi Cohen, a renowned weightlifter, has an impressive net worth of $2.5 million. Her career as a powerlifter began during her school days and has since skyrocketed her earnings. 

As one of the most powerful female athletes in the world, Stefi Cohen takes pride in her achievements but never settles for less. She continually strives to break new records and make history in powerlifting sports.

Stefi Cohen’s Social Media Accounts

Dr. Stefi Cohen is a well-known fitness influencer and strength coach with a solid social media presence. Her Instagram account has 1 million followers, and she frequently shares fitness tips, workouts, and motivational content. 

Her YouTube channel, which has 214K subscribers, features various fitness-related videos, ranging from tutorials to vlogs. 

On Twitter, she has 2,847 followers and often shares updates on her training, competitions, and other fitness-related news. 

Her LinkedIn profile has 848 followers and highlights her professional experience as a strength coach and co-owner of Hybrid Performance Method. Dr. Stefi Cohen has a strong following across multiple social media platforms, making her a powerful influencer within the fitness industry.


Information Details
Name Stefi Cohen
Achievements First woman to deadlift over 4 times her bodyweight in powerlifting. Captured 25 world records in powerlifting.
Professions Professional powerlifter, professional boxer, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Fitness Journey Soccer (childhood), CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting
Movement of Choice Deadlift
Training vs Working Out Training involves planning, strategy, and organization. Working out is for improving overall health.
Benefits of Physical Activity Escape from anxiety and panic disorders. Makes her feel capable and independent.
Current Training Routine Sparring, strength training, specific boxing drills, running
Recovery Methods Soft tissue massages, sauna and cold baths, hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions
Supplement Routine Based on blood work. Includes metabolic support supplements.
Advice for Beginners Find a workout routine that is enjoyable and has meaning.
Definition of Being Strong Overcoming physical and mental challenges.

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