Stephanie Sanzo

Stephanie Sanzo: From Struggle to Strength: How She Transformed Her Life

Who is Stephanie Sanzo

Stephanie Sanzo is an Australian fitness model, personal trainer, YouTuber, and social media influencer.

Born on April 2nd, 1987, with the zodiac sign Aries, Stephanie has inspired people since she first appeared on the scene. She stands at 4’10” (147cm) tall and weighs between 115 to 125 lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg). 

With brown hair and eyes, her measurements are 35 in / 91 cm for breast/bust size; 24 in / 61 cm for waist size; 35 in / 89 cm for hips size; 40B (US) or 90B (EU) bra size and a cup size of B(US). 

Stephanie is also known as “Steph Fit Mum” to her fans. She shares health, nutrition, and fitness advice, inspiring many worldwide to lead healthier lifestyles through her social media accounts. She is married to Jamie Bisset, and they have 3 children together.

Stephanie Sanzo Fitness Journey

Stephanie Sanzo is an inspiring fitness model and personal trainer from Australia who has overcome her body image issues to become a leader in the health and wellness world. 

After struggling with her weight, Stephanie gained over 25 kilograms due to unhealthy eating habits after giving birth. She decided to take control of her life to change her lifestyle by beginning an exercise routine with dumbbells at home, quitting her job, and taking a personal trainer course.

After quitting her career, she became a certified personal trainer and devoted her free time to coaching clients. 

Stephanie also specializes in strength training and powerlifting in her daily exercise, which allows her to stay in shape while teaching others the importance of staying active.  

She uses her health and wellness knowledge to help others reach their fitness goals as a personal trainer, helping them by sharing tips on dieting, exercise routines, and staying motivated. 

Stephanie Sanzo Nutrition

Stephanie Sanzo understands the importance of nutrition in achieving her health and wellness goals.

She follows an 1800-calorie diet with a balanced mix of fat, proteins, and carbs, emphasizing protein intake and encouraging people to avoid carbohydrates, which are essential for energy production and muscle growth. 

Stephanie knows how to enjoy cheat meals without overindulging or going overboard with her caloric intake. As such, she has maintained her figure while still enjoying treats now and then.

Furthermore, she recommends having one or two cheat meals per week, depending on your dietary needs. Lastly, Stephanie does not encourage alcohol consumption as it can lead to dehydration and other health issues.

Stephanie Sanzo Training

Stephanie Sanzo has developed an effective training routine to achieve her incredible physique. 

Stephanie’s approach involves strength training with powerlifting elements, emphasizing reps in the 8-12 range and 3-5 range sets. 

She also incorporates cardio into her regimen when necessary for competitions, doing 20 minutes of treadmill work four times a week. 

This combination of high-intensity strength and conditioning helps Stephanie maintain her toned muscle mass while staying lean.

Stephanie Sanzo Workout

Stephanie Sanzo follows a strict workout routine to maintain her fantastic shape, which includes exercises for all major muscle groups. 

Her favorite body parts are her shoulders, and she loves doing sumo squats for glute and adductor development. Stephanie aims to have larger lats and delts in the future. 

Still, until then, her current split consists of chest & triceps on Mondays, glutes & calves on Tuesdays, back & biceps Wednesdays, quads & abs Thursdays, and hamstrings & shoulders Fridays, with weekends on off for rest days.

Stephanie Sanzo Supplementation

Stephanie Sanzo has been using supplements to fuel her workouts for years, and she recommends that everyone consider adding them into their routine. 

Pre-workout, BCAA, protein powder, fat burners, multivitamins, and creatine are all essential supplements that Stephanie relies on to enhance her performance in the gym. 

Stephanie believes you can see dramatic improvements in your strength and physique goals by taking these regularly and eating a healthy diet.

Stephanie Sanzo’s Net Worth

Stephanie Sanzo is a fitness model, personal trainer, and wellness blogger who has amassed a considerable net worth of around $600,000 to $700,000. 

Her primary sources of income are from her work as a fitness model and VIP coach and through her YouTube channel and blogging activities. 

She also earns money from other social media platforms, such as Instagram, where she shares health tips and workout routines with her followers.

Stephanie Sanzo’s Social Media Presence

Stephanie Sanzo is among the most popular fitness models and personal trainers on social media today. She has a massive following across various platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

With over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, 112K subscribers on YouTube, 1.8 million followers on Facebook, 2.6 million followers on Instagram, and an impressive presence on Pinterest, Stephanie Sanzo’s reach is vast!

From her informative videos to her inspiring posts that showcase her fantastic physique and healthy lifestyle – Stephanie Sanzo knows how to engage with her audience in meaningful ways that keep them coming back for more!

Stephanie Sanzo Facts

Stephanie Sanzo is the founder and CEO of YONDIT Apparel. She is also part of the Strong Liftwear fitness team, with Lauren Findley as her partner.

Stephanie has been in the fitness industry for many years and provides personalized meal plans to help people reach their health goals on her website

Her program costs around $60, including access to an exclusive online coaching portal where clients can receive updated advice based on their weekly progress. 

With her knowledge and expertise, Stephanie offers excellent tips from nutrition to workouts that will get you results!

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