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Valerie Loureda’s Rocky Moment: The Inspiring Story Behind Her First Professional Match Victory

Valerie Loureda Bio

Valerie Loureda is an American kickboxer, taekwondo fighter, and model who has made a name for herself in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) with impressive wins—she was born on July 19, 1998, in Miami, Florida.

She was born into the sport of fighting, with her father being an 8th-degree grand master in Taekwondo and her mother being a first-degree black belt. Valerie has been training since before she was even born and is now a fourth-degree master in Taekwondo.

Valerie tested her skills and won all four fights in 2018 and 2019, three of which were by a knockout! With a height of 1.63 meters (5’4″) and a weight of 56 kilograms (125 pounds), Valerie’s toned physique makes her a formidable opponent in the ring.

Her dark brown hair, eyes, and 36-25-36 body measurements make her an undeniable beauty – not to mention that size 37B bra! She’s a true inspiration for female fighters everywhere with her tenacity and drive.

Valerie Loureda Inspiring Journey

Valerie Loureda was born into a Taekwondo family, with her parents and sisters being practitioners of the sport.

From a young age, Valerie had a talent for martial arts, and her father would challenge her to compete against boys, which she often won. Alongside this, she also pursued dancing and ballet from age three.

Unfortunately, when Valerie was a teenager, her mother was diagnosed with AML leukemia. This threw the family into disarray and became the defining event that changed their lives forever.

Valerie decided to use Taekwondo to show the world who she was. She entered the female division of qualifiers and won four fights in a row, after which her father put her into the male’s vision.

Valerie Loureda had an unlikely start to her MMA journey. It all started in Fort Lauderdale, where she attended a National event to show her support. On Saturday night, when she was out at Duffy’s, the Romero verse fight was playing, and it caught her attention.

She felt she could do that easily, despite never having thought of MMA before. The following week, she found herself at a jiu-jitsu class and realized she had a natural talent for ground fighting.

This sparked an obsession with the sport, and Valerie never looked back, trading in her previous life for one MMA.

She started small, writing down different branches of the sport on a glass mirror in her parents’ house. She knew she needed to learn jiu-jitsu, muy Thai, and defense strategy to succeed.

Valerie Loureda

With determination and ambition, she found herself at an American Top Team gym where everyone thought she was crazy for thinking she could do it.

But they knew she was serious when she broke a girl’s forehead with her heel.

Fast forward two years, and Valerie was now in the cage for her professional MMA debut. With three rounds under her belt, she felt more composed than ever.

It turned out that 15 years of experience in one sport had prepared her perfectly for this moment. Valerie had found her calling, and it was MMA. She was truly born for this and has never looked back since.

Finally, it was time for Valerie’s very first professional match. She felt nervous and scared but was also determined to prove herself. Just before walking out, her Rocky music started playing, which motivated her to keep going.

As she got to the ring, she saw her family in the corner cheering for her and supporting her despite being scared for Valerie’s safety.

Valerie was now standing in the ring with a tall opponent in front of her. The referee asked both fighters if they were ready, and Valerie finally felt prepared to do her best.

She quickly threw her famous jab, cross hook, and cross followed by a left beach to the high head – she was in the “killer mode”!

Valerie knew this was the moment that would change her life and that of her family. After a few minutes, the referee called it off, and Valerie won her first professional match. She had achieved her dream, and the world would now know her name!

Why Valerie Loureda Signed with WWE

Valerie is truly a trailblazer in the pro wrestling world. Not only is she the first Cuban-American woman to become a WWE Superstar, but she has also transitioned from MMA to pro wrestling – something that can be challenging and requires significant adaptation.

When asked about the difference between MMA and WWE, Valerie shared that in wrestling, you get to do more of the show-like stuff and that her goal is to bring the real fighting style of MMA into the wrestling ring but with a touch of her own Latina glamour.

When asked who she takes inspiration from in WWE, Valerie had nothing but praise for Charlotte Flair, noting that Flair has been very encouraging and supportive of Valerie’s journey.

She also mentioned that seeing how all the WWE Superstars started in NXT and developed, there has been a massive motivation for her to continue striving to be part of WrestleMania one day.

We wish Valerie luck in her journey and look forward to seeing what she brings to the WWE ring.

Valerie Loureda

Valerie Loureda Net Worth

Valerie Loureda has an estimated net worth of $1 million, having earned from $40,000 to $70,000 in sponsorship pay from her most recent fight against Guy.

Despite losing the bout, the loss proved to be a massive motivation for Loureda to return to training and focus on upcoming bouts.

On top of her fight career, Loureda is also a model and brand ambassador, which allows her to make additional money. Her net worth will increase significantly as she participates in more events and gains more exposure.

Valerie Loureda Social Media Presence

Valerie Loureda, also known as Miss MMA, has established an impressive presence on various social platforms.

She mesmerizes her fans with entertaining videos and pictures across Instagram (937K followers), Twitter (231.9K Followers), YouTube (4.53 K subscribers), and TikTok(266.1k Followers).

Follow her journey as she transitions from MMA to WWE, and be sure to catch all the action! Who knows, catch a glimpse of what it takes to be a champion!

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