Vladislava Galagan

Vladislava Galagan: The She-Hulk of Bodybuilding!

Vladislava Galagan pinMeet Vladislava Galagan: a powerhouse of strength, determination, and beauty who has taken the world of bodybuilding by storm.

Born and raised in Russia, Vladislava’s journey to becoming a renowned bodybuilder and fitness model is inspiring.

From a viral workout video that garnered over 100 million views within 24 hours to her unique fashion and lifestyle choices, there’s no denying that Vladislava has made a lasting impact in the fitness industry.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the life and career of this “She-Hulk,” delving into her biography, educational background, impressive physique, family life, and much more.

Accompany us as we uncover the secrets behind Vladislava Galagan’s success and learn about her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Who is Vladislava Galagan, Bodybuilder?

Vladislava Galagan is a Russian bodybuilder and model who hit the headlines in October 2022. She gained popularity after posting a viral workout video on social media that went viral and had over 100 million views within 24 hours.

The video showed her doing squats and deadlifts with heavy weights as she transformed her body from thin to muscular over six months.

Vladislava has competed in several bodybuilding competitions, but she did not win. However, she became famous for her unique dress sense and lifestyle choices instead of traditional clothing like jeans or t-shirts.

Vladislava Galagan Biography, School & Nationality

Vladislava Galagan is a Russian bodybuilder and fitness model. She was born in 1997 in Temryuk, Russia. Her nickname is “She-Hulk” because of her muscular physique and long blonde hair.

Vladislava started weightlifting at 12 after seeing an ad on TV about it being good for health. 

She first tried out powerlifting but later switched to bodybuilding because she enjoyed posing more than lifting weights.

Vladislava attended several schools during her educational journey: Municipal Art School in Russia; American University in Bulgaria; International Centre of Modern Education; SUNY Empire State College (USA); University of New York in Prague (Czech Republic).

Vladislava Galagan Physique

Vladislava Galagan Impressive Physique

Vladislava Galagan is a Russian bodybuilder and fitness model known for her impressive physique and muscular build. Her height is approximately 5’9″ (175 cm), and she weighs around 80 kg (176 lbs).

Her body measurements are 107-64-38 cm, with a chest size of 107 cm, haunch size of 64 cm, and biceps size of 38 cm.

Vladislava’s toned and muscular physique results from her hard work and dedication to bodybuilding.

She spends most of her time working out and following a strict diet plan, which helps her to maintain her physique. 

Aside from her impressive physique, Vladislava has striking features that add to her overall appearance. She has beautiful brown eyes and brown hair, which complements her muscular build. Her shoe size is 8 US.

Vladislava Galagan Parents, Siblings & Ethnicity

Vladislava Galagan is a Russian bodybuilder and she-hulk. She is also known for her close relationship with her parents, especially her father. 

Her family did not support her passion for bodybuilding, but she did not give up on it and went on to become one of the best female bodybuilders in Russia.

Bodybuilding Career & Competitions

Vladislava Galagan is a bodybuilder who has been competing in the sport since 2013. She has competed in numerous competitions and secured 2nd place at EVLS Prague Showdown 2018. 

She also worked at various locations before enrolling at American University in Bulgaria, where she studied Sports Management.

In her free time, Vladislava enjoys running marathons and participating in various fitness activities like yoga or CrossFit classes.

Workout, Training & Diet Plan

The She-Hulk of Bodybuilding workout routine consists of 6 days/week of training, with a one-day break to rest muscles. The exercises are:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups (with dumbbells)
  • Abdominal Crunches
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Vladislava Galagan uses this training program for her arms as well:
  1. Close grip bench press with barbells or dumbbells, two sets x 10 reps (3 sets if you want bigger biceps).
  2. Lying tricep extensions with dumbbells or cable machine two sets x 10 reps (3 sets if you want bigger triceps).

Diet Plan

Vladislava’s diet is very similar to the typical bodybuilding diet. She consumes a lot of carbs, her primary energy source. Her favorite foods are rice, eggs, whole-grain pasta, red meat, and sweet potatoes.

She also eats a lot of vegetables like broccoli, spinach, or lettuce (lettuce is not a vegetable).

Vladislava Galagan Net Worth

Vladislava Galagan Net Worth

Vladislava Galagan is enjoying a posh lifestyle with her family. She has a beautiful home and several expensive cars, including Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche.

Vladislava Galagan’s net worth is accumulated at USD 1 Million (approx.). Most of her wealth comes from bodybuilding competitions and training sessions.

Vladislava Galagan Social Media Accounts

Vladislava Galagan is a well-known bodybuilder and fitness model with a significant social media presence. She has a large following on Instagram, with over 267K followers on her official account. 

Her Instagram account contains pictures and videos of her workouts, competitions, and daily life.

In addition to Instagram, Vladislava also has a Facebook account with 4K followers. Her Facebook page features similar content to her Instagram account, with updates on her life and fitness journey.

Vladislava is also active on Twitter, where she has amassed over 19.1K followers. Vladislava shares update on her competitions, workout routines, and motivational messages for her followers on Twitter.

Vladislava’s social media presence has helped her connect with her fans and inspire many women worldwide to follow their passion for fitness. 

Her dedication to bodybuilding has made her a fitness inspiration to many, and her social media accounts are an excellent way for her to share her journey with her followers.

Vladislava Galagan Quick Facts

Information CategoryDetails
NameVladislava Galagan
OccupationBodybuilder, Fitness Model, Social Media Influencer
Height5’9″ (175 cm)
Weight80 kg (176 lbs)
Body Measurements107-64-38 cm
Chest Size107 cm
Haunch Size64 cm
Biceps Size38 cm
Bodybuilding CompetitionsEVLS Prague Showdown 2018 (2nd place)
EducationMunicipal Art School in Russia; American University in Bulgaria; International Centre of Modern Education; SUNY Empire State College (USA); University of New York in Prague (Czech Republic)
Workout RoutineSquats, Lunges, Push-ups (with dumbbells), Abdominal Crunches, Dumbbell rows
Diet PlanHigh in carbs, with foods such as rice, eggs, whole-grain pasta, red meat, and sweet potatoes
Net WorthUSD 1 Million (approx.)
Social Media AccountsInstagram (267K followers), Facebook (4K followers), Twitter (19.1K followers)


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