Avoid These 7 Nutritional Mistakes for Muscle Building

 Nutritional Mistakes for Muscle Building

A lot of workout plans by body builders nowadays are affected by some of the most usual mistakes and wrong habits. As you read on, you will discover some of them and be sure to avoid these to become successful in building muscles.

7 Nutritional Mistakes for Muscle Building

1- Failing to eat nutrition enriched foods

Nutritious foods are important to regenerate the muscles. The body needs vitamins as well as protein and no too much fatty and junk foods.

Be sure you take every meal according to your fitness goals more than just compromising them. Go for lean meat, fresh fruits and veggies than processed and fat enriched foods.

Be sure you eat regularly to make your metabolism move and keep the energy for the workouts too. Planning your meal is just like planning your workout routines. They are equally important.

2- Sports drinks are better than water

Sports drinks have electrolytes and they may also have sugar, which is not advisable for those who wish to build muscles. A lot of sports drinks on the market have high fructose corn syrup, they send a signal to the liver to overwork to the process of high sugar concentration and to store nothing but fat.

Go through the labels of the sports drink to know if there are added ingredients that you do not actually need. It will be best to drink them when you need them or after a rigid workout. If you want your water to have some taste, it will be better to add some lemon or try to make infused water with fruits like berries, pineapple and cucumber add flavor without calories.

3- The calories are very low for such a long time

Even if it is usual to eat fewer calories to lose body fats, some people just do not follow the appropriate number of calories. Most of them go more than the acceptable limit.

By taking very few calorie meals for several months, you will end up doing more harm than good to your body. Do you know that dieting causes stress to your body?

When you add that stress with a robust workout the levels of cortisol may go up and it may stay that way over a period of time.

The cortisol is a type of stress hormone and its primary function is to boost the blood sugar level. Though, this is beneficial for fat metabolism early in the day, a drastic release of the cortisol may lead to different health effects with visceral fats stored in your tummy.

There are researches that show that having high cortisol levels may lead to binge eating, which will not be of help to you if you are limiting your calorie intake.

4- Undervaluing the protein consumption

Protein is very important for building and keeping lean mass. If you will not get sustainable amount of it, it will be hard for you to build muscle or to even preserve the muscle you have. If you will ask a personal trainer, he/she will recommend you to eat more protein.

Usually, body builders may be surprised to discover that they feel much better when they elevate their protein intake. Women ages 17 to 70 years of age must consume around 49g of protein daily, while men must consume 56g of protein within this age group.

It is just right for everyone to just eat more protein than this, but if you are building muscle and you work out intensely, you need to consume more.

5- Plan hopping

It is really common to hop from one plan to another, especially if you knew someone who has gone through a diet and helped him/her lose more than 10lbs. Even if this may be very tempting for you, if you will not stay in your program quite long, how will you know if it will work for you?

More often than not, changing the program you currently have will delay your results. The body has its own learning curve in terms of nutrition. The diet results may vary depending on the body, genes, and the kind of diet that you have.

Some may even see the results faster, while some may suffer from the plateau, while others do not really see the results for several months until such time that they just wake up with a brand new shape.

6- The “I blew it” mindset

If you must not be rattled if you are not yet on a 100% plan most of the time. Your diet must not be postponed for the wrong reason that you had a milkshake for a snack. Healthy eating is a habit that must be established in you.

It is not an activity that you can postpone if you are not yet ready for it. If you will think of your nutrition as an activity more than a lifestyle, it may lead you to nowhere. More than taking the time to enjoy splurging on foods, you need to feel guilty every time you make a food treat.

7- Breakfast is not important

When you wake up in the morning, take a shower and get dressed and then take a cup of coffee before you go and drive. This is the usual morning routine of every individual, regardless if they are into bodybuilding or not.

There are studies that have shown that people who are fond of skipping breakfast are more prone to overeating within the day than those who ate their breakfast before leaving for work.

Keep in mind that when you run out of the house with an empty stomach, the body is cannibalizing the muscles to get the energy needed to give fuel to the person to go through the daily activities through the day.

If your body will not restock muscle glycogen with amino acids, you will suffer from the plateau or backslide. You are actually missing an essential meal of the day by not eating your breakfast.

It can also affect your blood sugar levels and it may cause mood swings and unwanted fat storage. Even if the cereals are also a good source of fiber and complex carbohydrates, a bodybuilder needs to have an egg for breakfast.

There are researches that have shown how eating eggs in the morning helps in lessening the hunger that may lead to boosting the abdominal fat loss.



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  • The “I Blew It” mindset is pretty eye-opening and it’s totally true once you think about it. In reality, one oreo isn’t going to harm your diet, but ten of them might. Sometimes, I’ve seen people who diet really strictly eat very strict diets for months on end and then they blow it all on a weekend, gaining five pounds in just a couple of days. You need to have the flexibility to not beat yourself up too bad when you make mistakes, because everyone makes mistakes.

    That’s a really good point. Thanks for the article.

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