Glute Training For Women

7 Glute Training For Women

The glutes are one of the more sensitive areas for many women, raising worries if something might “make their butt look big” or if their rears are bikini worthy.

Put your fears aside if you fall into this category- the following sculpting and lifting exercises will make you feel your best in no time!


Any solid training regime for the body starts with cardio. At a minimum, get your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes three times a week and up to 90-minute sessions five days a week.

This all depends on the intensity needed, your available time, and what your body can handle. Before starting any intense workout program, get cleared by your physician.

Great cardio for building buns includes fast-paced dance classes like Ballet, Salsa, or Jazz. Even dance-inspired classes like Zumba can help solidify glutes.

The more your whole body moves while you are upright, the more you work your rear end. Go hiking, run or bike hills, or kickboard in the pool.

Cardio, though, is not enough to build the butt of your dreams. Keep hard cardio days separate from lifting exercises, or do these before cardio.

Sculpt Away

The Gluteus Maximus is the bulk of the buttocks muscle mass, followed by the Gluteus Medius, and just under that is the Gluteus Minimus.

While this makes up most of the muscles themselves, the appearance of the rear is also defined by other muscles like the Iliocostalis Limborum, Multifidus, and Quadratus Lumborum. Make sure that as you are working out, you work with each muscle group.

Warm up lightly before starting these exercises. For example, do 100 jumping jacks or 2 minutes with a jump rope.

Choose thigh extensions for the Gluteus Maximus, adduction of the thigh works the Gluteus Medius, and the Gluteus Minimus is

Curl Girl

Lay a towel or yoga mat on the floor. Facing down, lay on the mat. Keep the left leg extended and the knee touching the floor.

Bend the right knee around a towel or a 1-pound dumbbell, flexing the foot and flattening the back by curving the pelvis toward the floor.

Without lowering the bent leg to the floor, raise the leg just a few inches for each rep. Do 20 reps per set, and three sets, switching sides between each.

Squat Squad

Taking a nod from CrossFit and similar training programs, get into the deepest squat possible for the best results.

A primary body squat with no additional weight other than you are to begin standing tall. Spread feet shoulder-width apart, arms directly out in front right from shoulders. Start lowering your body.

Push your hips back for perfect form but do not stick your butt out. Bend at the knees, lowering as far as you can go.

Pause here. The hard part is then slowly pushing back up to standing. Take your time during the first few rotations. Do three sets of 20 squats.

Need a Deadlift

Because deadlifts can cause injury, be very cautious with the exercise. If possible, have a professional assist you the first time through. Once the proper form has been taught, deadlifts are an excellent tool for the perfect tush and target quads, hamstrings, and arms.

The basic directions are to start with the barbell on the ground. Add the weight according to what you know you can lift- even if that means just starting with the bar alone; this will help prevent injuries.

The bar itself is roughly 20 pounds. Generally, people will work in 5-pound increments once they have the form down.

Now, step up to the bar with toes just under it; feet should be shoulder-distance apart. Ignite your core and buttocks before lifting. Bend knees keeping back straight.

Send hips back slightly, bending at the waist to grab the bar overhand, not underhand. Prepare your hips and legs and lift, standing up and straightening your back.

Keep the natural curve of your back so you do not curl your tailbone. It would be best if you were lifting with your hamstrings and glutes.

To return the bar, lower it by keeping the back straight, pushing out the glutes as though about to sit in a chair. Repeat.

Walking Lunges

Posture is always essential with exercises involving weight, whether body weight or external weights.

Start in a standing position; legs hip-distance apart. Place hands on hips, keeping left foot planted while the right foot lunges.

The right knee should be at a 90-degree angle and directly over the ankle. Drop the left knee down to almost touching the ground, pausing, then stand up to bring the left foot to the right foot.

Now, do the same, but with the left foot lunging forward. Do this 20 times on each side, three times.


The Burpee is excellent for the glutes, but like the deadlift, it involves your entire body. It can also be considered cardio if you do it fast enough, which you should. To complete a Burpee, start standing with legs hip-distance apart.

Go into a deep squat, placing your hands on the ground. Put your weight on your hands and kick your feet back behind you.

You are essentially in a push-up position at this point. To extend and challenge yourself, add a push-up here. Otherwise, continue by returning to the deep squat position with hands on the ground still.

From here, jump up as high as possible. Return to the squat position and continue through. Start with ten reps and three sets. As you progress, add repetitions.

The Big Picture

In the end (pun intended), to get the best rear a girl could want is more than just a few exercises.

It is an entire ethic, a clean and healthy approach to everyday life. Walk a set of stairs instead of eating that donut; drink water all day and shun soda. Do cardio, perfect your glute training, and always love your body for what it is.

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