Renee Jewett

Renee Jewett: Unbelievable Journey to Achieving Limitless Success

Renee Jewett Exciting Story

Growing up in a small town in the district of Ka’u on Ocean View on the Big Island of Hawaii, my family lived without many of the comforts I’ve come to know.

We had no running water or electricity, but we had one thing — an enormous satellite dish. It was about 10 feet by 10 feet in size, and my dad managed to rig it up with some fishing line and a reel to a tree.

Whenever we wanted to watch something, one person had to stand outside by the satellite dish, another had to stand by the front door, and a third had to be ready near the TV.

We would have to scream back and forth until we got the signal and could catch the channel. One of our favorite shows was X-Men, and it gave us a glimpse into the world of superheroes.

That experience has shaped my view of heroes today. I see them as being more than just powerful and muscular, but also virtuous and good-hearted. Despite all the external noise from social media, I strive to stay true to my beliefs and values.

Even when preparing for a competition and getting leaner, I won’t listen to any comments telling me how I should look —I stick to my goal. And that’s what makes someone a hero in my book.

Eight years ago, I was a little girl writing in my journal and looking up to professional athletes and Olympians in admiration, wishing I could be just like them one day. When I first started on my journey, I was overweight and depressed, and the gym felt like the only way for me to feel better about myself.

Little did I know this would eventually lead me to where I am now—an alternate reality that gives me chills when I think about it.

It has been a journey, and striving for my goals was never easy. There have been times of doubt, but the thought of quitting has never crossed my mind; after all, what would that do for me? Nothing.

I am always pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and challenging my limits; it’s when I know I’m growing. And if there is something I want to achieve, anything is possible—the sky is the limit.

That’s why when I was getting ready for my first pro show in Chicago and struggling with doubts, I still told myself I would get 11 reps. And that’s what I did—even when my body felt like a stress ball ready to pop!

So it goes back to setting that ultimate goal and working hard until you achieve it—that’s the only way to get there. Quitting is the easy part, and I will never take that route.

My story proves that whatever dreams you have can become a reality if you believe in yourself and give everything you have. Go out there and make it happen!

That’s my message. ✨

💪 Go out there and do it—belief in yourself and never stop pushing your limits! The sky is my limit; anything is possible if you make an effort and keep striving for your goals. I know that feeling firsthand—it took me eight years of hard work, dedication, and determination to get where I am today.

So set those goals and make them happen—you’re capable of much more than you think! 🙌

That’s my message for the world and myself; don’t give up! 🤩💪🌟

Renee Jewett Bio

Renee Jewett is an inspiring fitness trainer and IFBB Pro Competitor from Hawaii. Already making waves in the industry, she recently achieved a significant victory by winning her first-ever NPC North Americans competition at a remarkably young age!

Renee Jewett and her husband john

Renee has always been passionate about fitness and exercise. After graduating from school, she left her 9-5 job to work alongside her husband “John Jewett” in San Antonio, Texas—a place that became a second home after moving there from Hawaii.

For the past three years, Renee has devoted herself to perfecting these skills even further by competing across various competitions; people have taken notice of how impressive they are!

Renee Jewett Body Measurement

Renee Jewett is an IFBB Pro Competitor and Fitness Model in her 25’s. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and has a fit physique, black hair, and hazel eyes. Her weight is 60kg – making it easy for Renee to stay agile while competing on the world stage!

Renee Jewett Accomplishment

Renee Jewett has achieved impressive success in bodybuilding competitions, taking first place at the 2019 NPC Tampa Extravaganza and North Americans events and a third-place finish at the 2019 NPC JR USA competition Class B.

Renee Jewett’s Net Worth

Renee Jewett is a successful fitness trainer and social media influencer who has managed to amass an impressive net worth of around $125k without revealing her identity.

Her income comes from coaching, competitions, collaborations, and helping people with their health goals – all of which she does via various platforms.

Renee Jewett’s Social Media Presence

Renee is a young, dedicated athlete who has achieved incredible success. She uses her large following on Instagram to inspire others to lead healthy and fit lifestyles while continually striving towards achieving their own goals!

With over 819k followers, Renee’s mission of motivating people to be the best version of themselves seems well underway.

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