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Stephanie Flesher: Rising Star and IFBB Pro Phenomenon

Stephanie Marie Flesher Pinterest PinStephanie Flesher’s journey in competitive bodybuilding is nothing short of remarkable.

From starting as a novice in the Figure division to becoming an IFBB pro physique competitor, Stephanie’s transformation is a testament to her unwavering commitment and passion for the sport. 

This blog post will delve into her early life, illustrious career, and love for powerlifting.

We’ll also discuss her harrowing experience with diuretics, the importance of selecting the right coach, and her insights on the use of drugs in the sport. 

Stephanie Flesher Early Life

Stephanie began her journey in the Figure division in 2012 and displayed impressive evolution. 

She transitioned from the Figure to the Physique division in 2015 and exhibited substantial muscle growth. 

Stephanie continued to compete in Physique until 2022, when she entered the Open class, achieving her most successful year in bodybuilding.

Stephanie Marie Flesher Bodybuilding Career

Stephanie started her competitive career in 2014, participating in prestigious competitions such as the Arnold Classic, the Olympia, and the Toronto Pro Super Show. Flesher earned her IFBB Pro status after claiming the overall title at the NPC USA Championships in 2017. 

Known for her striking Physique, well-defined muscles, and strength, she is also a certified personal trainer with a background in nutrition.

Stephanie Marie Flesher

Stephanie Flesher: From Novice to Pro and Her Love for Bodybuilding

Stephanie Flesher is one of the most inspiring people in competitive bodybuilding. 

She’s an IFBB pro physique competitor full of determination and passion but also has a warm and friendly personality that has won over countless fans.

Stephanie Flesher’s journey started in 2012 when she was just a novice. She quickly fell in love with bodybuilding and decided that it was the sport for her. 

Despite facing some challenges early on, she never gave up and saw each obstacle as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Her positive attitude and resilience helped her overcome tough times, including a toxic relationship and the lockdown in 2020, which only fueled her drive to succeed.

Stephanie Flesher’s Powerlifting Passion: The Key to Her Success

One of the things that sets Stephanie apart from other competitors is her passion for powerlifting. 

This sport reignited her love for training and taught her the importance of finding the right coach and staying focused on her goals. 

Stephanie Marie Flesher bodybuilder

Stephanie Flesher’s Diuretics Experience

An accomplished bodybuilder, Stephanie faced a harrowing ordeal with diuretics when prescribed one to treat high blood pressure. 

Her lack of proper usage led to a life-threatening situation requiring medical intervention. 

This experience underscores the crucial need for awareness about dosages, duration, and the rationale behind diuretic use in bodybuilding.

Selecting the Ideal Coach

Securing the right coach is vital for achieving success in bodybuilding. 

Stephanie recommends interviewing prospective coaches and contacting their previous clients to ensure they prioritize health and well-being above all else. 

She also advocates for establishing a platform where clients can share testimonials, helping others make more informed decisions in their coaching selection.

Female vs. Male Coaches

While many female competitors tend to choose male coaches, Stephanie emphasizes that the key factor should be a coach’s experience working with individuals similar to you, regardless of their gender.

Drugs to Avoid

Stephanie cautions against using specific drugs without a medical prescription, such as testosterone, Halotestin, Anadrol, Turinabol, Dianabol, NPP, Sustanon, DNP T3, T4, and high doses of Clenbuterol, Ephedrine, and Insulin. These substances can lead to severe health issues in women.

Stephanie Marie Flesher IfBB Pro

Stephanie’s Training Philosophy

As a trainer, Stephanie prioritizes nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, and training over steroid usage. 

Her primary objective is to save lives by promoting safe training practices. She also endorses creating a platform where individuals can share their experiences and evaluate coaches, enabling others to make better choices.

Focusing on nutrition, consuming more food, and building muscle without relying on drugs, Stephanie firmly believes that returning to the fundamentals of nutrition and training can yield long-lasting, healthy outcomes.

Stephanie Marie Flesher Competiton History

YearFederationContest NameClassPlace
2022IFBB Pro LeagueOlympiaWomen’s Bodybuilding16
2022IFBB Pro LeagueRomania Muscle Fest ProWomen’s Bodybuilding4
2022IFBB Pro LeagueEuropean Pro ChampionshipsWomen’s Bodybuilding3
2022IFBB Pro LeagueNew York ProWomen’s Bodybuilding2
2022IFBB Pro LeagueIndy ProWomen’s Bodybuilding2
2021IFBB Pro LeagueTampa ProWomen’s Bodybuilding5
2021IFBB Pro LeagueChicago ProWomen’s Bodybuilding3
2021IFBB Pro LeagueOmaha ProWomen’s Physique7
2019IFBB Pro LeaguePrestige Crystal Cup ProWomen’s Physique6
2019IFBB Pro LeagueAtlantic Coast ProWomen’s Physique7
2018IFBB Pro LeagueSt. Louis ProWomen’s Physique7
2016NPCUSAWomen’s Physique – class D1
2015NPCJunior USAsWomen’s Physique – class B9
2012NPCJunior NationalsWomen’s Figure – class E12


Stephanie Flesher’s evolution exemplifies the heights one can reach with determination, positioning her as a potential contender for the Olympia stage in the future. 

Regardless of her challenges, Stephanie’s story inspires us to believe in our potential for greatness through unwavering determination and passion.

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