Kassie Kemmis: A Story of Dedication, Hard Work, and Success!

Kassie Kemmis is a highly motivated and accomplished professional figure athlete who has succeeded greatly in the fitness competition industry. 

Kassie Kemmis Standing at 5’6″ (167.5cm) tall, Kassie weighs between 125 and 135 lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg). 

Her journey to becoming a successful fitness competitor began when she met her now-boyfriend and training partner, Lance Fulker. 

Together they embarked on an extreme diet and exercise regime, resulting in Kassie earning second place in Open Figure and fourth place in Physique at her first competition.

Kassie & Lance then went on to win the Mixed Pairs championship, and later, Kassie earned first place at the NPC Nationals and achieved IFBB Pro status. 

To top it all off, she also completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health and became a certified health coach and nutritionist.

Kassie & Lance now offer a complete range of health services for individuals with any health goal. 

Kassie also competes as an IFBB Professional Figure athlete and is sponsored by Bilbo Sportswear and Nutrition53.

In her free time, Kassie enjoys relaxing with her boyfriend and their dog, eating her favorite sushi meal, watching Friends, and admiring the color purple.

Kassie’s success in the fitness industry is mainly due to the unwavering support of her boyfriend, Lance. 

With his help and motivation, Kassie has achieved many impressive accomplishments within figure athletics.

Kassie and her husband Lance

Kassie Kemmis Bio

Kassie Kemmis was born in the United States and has always been an active child. She started dancing at a young age but soon transitioned to sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. 

She played volleyball during high school and even found time to coach younger girls’ teams.

In 2013, her journey to build up her Physique in the gym began with her boyfriend, Lance Fulder. Together, they attended the 2013 NPC Emerald Cup and were inspired by what they saw. 

Kassie committed to educating herself about bodybuilding, which paid off as she increased her strength tremendously!

Kassie chose to pursue a Health & Human Performance – Community Health degree at the University of Montana, where she met her now-boyfriend, Lance. 

The two competed side by side in the 2014 NPC Emerald Cup, and Kassie was ecstatic with her results: 2nd place for Open Figure class, 4th place for Open Physique, and 3rd place for Mixed Pairs. 

It was a fantastic journey that Kassie remembers fondly, and it has motivated her to continue competing in bodybuilding.

Kassie Kemmis

Kassie Kemmis Training

Kassie Kemmis understands the importance of proper form and preparation before each workout and starts each session with core movements to activate her abdominal muscles. 

This is followed by more extensive compound exercises like chest presses or barbell squats to target large muscle groups. Kassie then finishes off with lighter, isolated exercises to target specific muscles.

Kassie knows that warming up is essential for a successful workout, and she uses five-fingered shoes or barefoot training to improve her stretching. 

This technique helps her increase the number of reps she can perform while reducing back and knee pains. 

Kassie also takes extra precautions when performing heavier lifts and exercises, using a lifting belt to help her stay safe and prevent injury.

Kassie Kemmis

Kassie Kemmis Nutrition

Kassie Kemmis has a well-structured diet tailored to her workout and work schedule. 

For most of the year, Kassie eats clean by adhering to a balanced ratio of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins in all of her meals.

Kassie is strict with her diet and portion control, so she always eats 6 smaller meals throughout the day. 

As a treat after her heavier workouts, such as leg days, Kassie enjoys a cheat meal from time to time. 

However, she dropped this habit around 4 weeks before the competition to stay in peak shape and put her best foot forward.

Kassie Kemmis Competition History

-2016 IFBB Vancouver Pro – 16th

-2015 IFBB Tahoe Show – 11th

-2015 IFBB Los Angeles Championships – 14th

-2014 NPC Nationals – 1st in Figure D

-2014 NPC Emerald Cup – 2nd in Figure E, 3rd in Mixed Pairs, 4th in Physique B

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