Tayane Angely

Tayane Angely: Reveals Her 8-Step Hyperfocus Method For Rapid Success!

Tayane Angely is a passionate wellness athlete and physical education enthusiast from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At the age of 17, Tayane developed a solid commitment to improving her fitness abilities and began to learn critical training exercises and nutrition while attending college.

However, Tayane’s desire didn’t stop there. She continued training as a wellness athlete while studying and developing new training and nutrition skills.

Tayane Angely graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sports Nutrition and decided to take the risk of leaving her job and moving to the US to pursue further education.

After completing specialty courses, Tayane became a Certified Master Trainer, giving her the knowledge and credentials to pursue her dreams.

Tayane’s story is even more inspiring when you consider her first training program was developed during the pandemic for at-home training, leading to sponsorship by Dragon Pharma, one of the top 4 supplement brands in Brazil.

On top of sponsoring Tayane, Dragon also allowed her to write articles on their website and host a weekly Live Program called “Vitamin T” that talks about nutrition, supplements, and training tips.

Her time at Vitamin T allowed her to host a weekly radio show every Tuesday, interviewing music artists and discussing nutrition and training.

Her work with Dragon Pharma was equally impressive; she participated in their “CSI Dragon – Body Transformation” YouTube Channel Program. This involved transforming an American Sheriff’s body in only 8 weeks – resulting in fat loss, muscle gain, and a six-pack.

Tayane Angely

Tayane Angely Hyperfocus Method

Tayane Angely is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who has used her 8-step method, “Hyperfocus,” to reach success.

Tayane began her business journey by live streaming on Instagram and sharing her knowledge in an informative yet entertaining way.

As her views grew and she received sponsorships from various companies, she was able to travel and share her knowledge in the form of motivational talks.

The 8-step Hyperfocus method has been instrumental in Tayane’s success, helping her stay focused on her goals and achieve them quickly.

1. Decide That You Need a Change and What to Do: The first step involves determining which areas of your life require mapping out what needs to achieve that change.

2. Create “Objective Goals” and Outline a Timeline for Achieving Them: This step involves setting measurable goals to keep track of your progress. Realistic, achievable goals are essential to staying motivated and knowing when to expect results.

3. Create a Routine That Eliminates Unnecessary Tasks: A daily routine allows you to stay focused on your goals without becoming distracted to create a balance between working hard and taking time to rest, which is essential for success.

4. Set an Agreement with Family and Friends to Understand Your Goals: Family and friends can be positive motivators in achieving success, but you must make them aware of your goals.

5. Map Out Things That May Distract You: These can range from technology to people who do not share your vision. Once identified, it is essential to address them and neutralize potential distractions.

6. Follow Your Daily Routine: This is critical to staying focused and achieving your goals.

7. Faith and Trust: Be confident and know you can reach your goals.

8. Celebrate Your Success: Take time to reward yourself when you have achieved your goals, as this will help keep you motivated and on track.

Tayane has a unique approach to coaching, treating every person regardless of their current condition as an athlete.

With her support and guidance, clients have found success in achieving the objectives they have set for themselves. Her strategies are proven, and results are guaranteed.

Tayane Angely

Tayane Angely Social Media Presence

Tayane Angely is an avid health and fitness enthusiast, inspiring her followers daily with her passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Her social media presence has grown rapidly over the past few months, allowing her to share her message of health and wellness with even more fans.

On Instagram, she has over 200,000 devoted followers who love getting daily updates about her journey to health and fitness.

On TikTok, her videos have been viewed millions of times by nearly 30,000 followers. And on Facebook, she has over 1,800 people following her page for daily tips and advice.

Tayane Angely isn’t just a social media star; she also is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, helping her clients reach their fitness goals.

She also produces fitness videos for Youtube and offers a range of online programs designed to help people take control of their health.

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