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Best Amino Acid Supplement for Weight Loss


Weight loss continues to be among the major cravings of the population. Unnecessary weight that is majorly a result of accumulating fat that fails to burn off in normal body activities, can have serious effects on the health, physical shape and even mere feelings of the individual.

The need to burn such fat is driving many people to try out the craziest of all techniques, but many do not give results worth opting for. Amino acid supplements have proven fruitful in the fight against fat, ambushing it from the special cells that store them and throwing them right to the furnace of energy production to be consumed by the body’s energy requirements.

Here are some of the best amino acid supplements that will complement your efforts in your quest of slimming down to size.


This well-known amino acid is one of the best performers for people looking out to burn fat and gains their reputable figures. It works in conjunction with forskolin in a two-phase  operation to flush out fat deposits from their safe havens and get them in the blood stream and parts of cells for eventual burning to produce energy for the body’s needs.

Forskolin is responsible for a number of procedures ending up with the activation of hormone-sensitive lipase and adenylate cyclase, which releases fats from the specialized cells holding them. Carnitine takes up the second phase of the work by delivering the fat deposits to the mitochondria of body cells for eventual burning to generate body energy.

Numerous studies indicate that supplementation of fat loss programs with this amino acid yields better result of up to twenty-five percent difference with those not using the supplement.


In most of the cases, unnecessary weight gain results from a hormonal imbalance. In this case, the body continuously reads a deficiency in food supply, prompting its systems to use the available food sparingly and send the rest to storage systems. This means that the body will continue to gain weight even when one chooses to do exercise or take on dieting.

Glutamine plays a crucial role in rolling back the effects of such scenarios. Studies indicate that this supplement provides a countermeasure against excessive food storage, allowing the body to stay within certain limits of fat accumulation. Glutamine further minimizes cravings for sugar, fats and alcohol, which are the major factors aggravating weight gain and reducing the profits of weight reduction programs.

Glutamine further takes the war to fat deposits when conditions for food processing are dire. It literally works on the fat deposits, releases them from storage sites and burns them to produce energy.

Glutamine plays a role in body building as well, retaining lean mass and avoiding the deterioration of such muscle. However, bodybuilding calls for supply of sufficient energy to the body to allow it withstand the pressure that such exercises put on the body. With the muscle mass in retention, the body has to look for alternative sources of such energy, turning its focus to the fat deposits in the body.


This amino acid is popular for its ability to enhance the levels of nitric oxide in heart muscles. However, this same effect allows it to initiate high level-fat burning that leads to weight loss. Nitric oxide initiates lipolysis in the body, which involves burning large volumes of calories and stored fat.

This amino acid further enhances the production and working of the hormone GH, which studies indicate that it enhances the rate of lipolysis as well. In many cases, individuals turning to exercising as a way to beat weight will achieve better results when they combine this supplement with daily exercise.

Branched chain amino acids

The tree-like molecular structure of these amino acids hands them higher capabilities superior to any of the other known amino acids. BCAAs have been cited more than once for their benefits in muscle building, which is one part of the coin while their benefits to fat loss form the backside of this same coin.

Studies have indicated that depletion of glycogen in athletes can have dangerous effects, but supplementing BCAAs will hand the user vital results. They lead to higher rates of fat burning in individuals taking on exercise, which is more of a double-sided sword that builds muscle onone side and leads to fat loss on the other.


Tyrosine has a number of advantages that only a few people are keen on tap, but its benefits in weight loss continue to raise eyebrows among those who had little knowledge of their effects. Tyrosine is responsible for the production of hormone catecholamine, which initiates and speeds up fat-burning  processes in the body.

Tyrosine further helps to eliminate resistance to appetite suppressants, allowing individuals seeking to limit their diets to achieve best results keeping their appetites at the minimum. Supplementing this amino acid alongside phenylalanine gives better results as they work together to stimulate the production catecholamine.


Leucine ranks highly among body builders, but it has more than a single role to play in such circumstances. This amino acid is responsible for hastening the synthesis of proteins in the muscles, a process that burns not few fats in the end. Combining leucine with intense activity definitely turns the heat on the fat, sending it to the front lines of energy production and allowing the body to empty the storage units for such fat at the end.

Leucine has also proven important in the retention of lean muscle, which in turn forces the body to work on the stored fats for energy generation. Studies indicate that combination of leucine and dieting leads to a twenty-three percent advantage in weight loss when compared to dieting alone.


Tryptophan optimizes the working of body hormones and insulin levels. This in turn puts better controls on the glucose level in the body, improves the rate of metabolism and allows the body to burn fatter in the end.

Whey protein

This contains a number of amino acids, which means that it delivers a “complete set” effect to the fat deposits in the body. Individuals who take whey protein before and after exercise report better results in comparison to those who simply look at exercise as a way to shed off the extra fat.



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