Melissa Brodsky

Melissa Brodsky: From Amateur Bikini Competitions To Pro Card Wins

Melissa Brodsky Bio

Melissa Brodsky is a 24-year-old bodybuilder who was born in the town of Charleston, West Virginia. Growing up in a humble family with strict and protective parents, Melissa was motivated to strive for success from a young age.

She was surrounded by boys who made her naturally strong, and she grew to have an affinity for sports such as hockey.

Melissa Brodsky has achieved an impressive physique with her commitment to hard work and dedication to bodybuilding.

Now based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Melissa stands at 5’3″ and weighs 65 kg with a body dimension of 36-29-38.

Her complexion is white, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She continues to train and compete in bodybuilding competitions, inspiring others with her success story.

Melissa Brodsky Career

Melissa Brodsky is a successful fitness model and bodybuilder from New Jersey with an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro Card.

She achieved this by displaying a high level of dedication to her craft and excelling in various areas related to bodybuilding.

The journey for Melissa began long before her IFBB Pro Card. She attended McDonogh School in Maryland from kindergarten to twelfth grade, then pursued careers related to fitness and bodybuilding at the University of Maryland and West Virginia State University.

In addition to her impressive bodybuilding career, Melissa Brodsky has also worked as a personal trainer at the Jewish Community Center in Baltimore, Maryland, and as a health enthusiast at The Vitamin Shoppe in Lutherville, Maryland.

She has also provided fitness coaching services to various organizations and is an advocate for healthy living.

Melissa Brodsky

Melissa Brodsky Fitness Journey

Melissa Brodsky had a strong affinity for fitness from an early age, raised among boys who appreciated physical strength.

As a young teen, she began lifting weights, running, and developing a specific diet to increase her strength and look good in a bikini contest. At 16, she hired her first fitness coach to prepare her for the show.

Brodsky competed in two amateur bikinis and two amateur figure competitions in the following two years.

Deciding to take up bodybuilding as a full-time career, she then hired another coach to prepare her body for professional modeling and bodybuilding.

In 2020, with the help of Shelby Starnes, she competed and won an IFBB Pro Card contest.

With her sights on pro bodybuilding, Brodsky registered for a pro bodybuilding contest nine months later and came third. She has since then gone from strength to strength, continuing to challenge herself and pushing her limits daily.

Melissa Brodsky Workout and Nutrition

Melissa Brodsky is a committed athlete who follows an intense, comprehensive, disciplined workout and training program. During the on-season, she trains for five to six days weekly, dedicating her efforts to completing five exercises per muscle group.

To continue pushing beyond her boundaries, Brodsky implements advanced techniques such as overloads to increase the weight while working out.

She takes it easy during her off-season, only dedicating two bodybuilding sessions per week and adding more cardio exercises to her routine.

Regarding nutrition, she follows a strict diet that includes protein coffee for breakfast, white eggs, spinach, rice cakes, avocado, and honey.

Melissa Brodsky

Melissa Brodsky’s Net Worth

Melissa Brodsky is a renowned professional bodybuilder who has built her impressive net worth to range from 1 million to 3 million dollars.

Through her career as a professional bodybuilder, Melissa has had the opportunity to contribute to various ventures in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

Melissa Brodsky Social Media

Melissa Brodsky is an Internet sensation due to her presence on two of the most popular platforms in the modern world: Instagram and TikTok.

On these social media accounts, she often uploads content related to her life and professional career while engaging with her followers.

Instagram has proved to be a significant success for Melissa, as she currently enjoys over 123 K followers. TikTok has done just as well for her, with a strong following of 19.6K.

Through both platforms, fans have gained a deeper understanding of who Melissa is and what she’s all about – making them even more devoted to her!

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